How Testimonials Can Help Your Agency Stand Out and Increase Sales

In this article, I will teach you why testimonials are a perfect way to set yourself apart from your competitors and how you can implement them in your agency starting today.

How Testimonials Can Help Your Agency Stand Out and Increase Sales
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If you run an agency, no matter it’s for marketing, advertising, design, or web development, you know that competition is the daily bread.
And fierce competition is not just something beginner agencies deal with but a reality at all levels.
They say there is a lot of fish (clients) in the sea, right?
Still, if you expect to get the best fish, aka the highest-paying, highest-quality clients, you must stand out as THE agency, not just “another agency”.
In this article, I will teach you why testimonials are a perfect way to set yourself apart from your competitors and close better and bigger deals each time and how you can implement them in your agency starting today.
Regardless of the type of agency you are running, you will convert better with testimonials like these 👇

Why testimonials can make your agency shine

Paid ads are cool, but very few things can do better marketing for your business than the words from your happy customers (plus, they are not as expensive as Facebook ads).
There’s a reason why we often hear, “I grew my business by word of mouth,” and it’s not only founders being cheap on marketing.
If you don’t believe me, consider your most recent purchases and experiences with new products.
If you are like most people and like me, you skip YouTube ads as soon as possible.
People hate to be sold by companies.
But what happens when your best friend, colleague, or favorite influencer recommends a new gadget, travel destination, or local restaurant?
Ah! That’s a very different story, isn’t it?
In this exact way, what your clients say about your agency to other prospective clients truly moves the needle for your acquisition efforts.
You may think, “okay, but how do I make my clients talk about my agency?”
That’s where testimonials come in.
The thing is that you don’t just hope your clients refer you. You ask them for a testimonial and capture it as a text, image, or video testimonial.
Then you go and share that with the world.
Sounds too simple? Yeah, it is.
But the results are extraordinary!
These are some of the ways testimonials will help you grow:
  • Help you connect with your target audience: Individuals connect more with similar people than with logos or brands. Give your prospects a chance to know and relate to your previous clients. That connection, with its mighty converting power, will do the job.
  • Open the doors of exponential networking: Every client that leaves you a testimonial is connected to people in the same industry. So, your clients’ network will become your and possible future clients. This small move becomes your advanced way of networking and building relationships.
  • Social proof is an asset: Your reviews and testimonials database is a precious asset that grows over time and that you can always leverage to get more clients. If you store your social proof, it cannot be taken from you even if your social profile or account closes. You can also use these assets in different campaigns and other marketing purposes if they are relevant and you have permission to do so.
  • Testimonials tell others your agency is reliable. Good testimonials will increase your agency’s credibility and authority. Many other agencies are competing with you. You must show your prospects ahead of the competition, and the support of happy clients is the best way to prove it. With that momentum, your agency will become an expert in its niche.
  • Testimonials are great for SEO. Incorporating customer reviews and testimonials in your content can enhance the SEO worth, increasing your brand's visibility among a larger audience. Additionally, including customer reviews on your website can improve the overall SEO of your site as search engines consider them as relevant content, which can help rank you higher.
If you still think this sounds too good to be true, think about this: the influencer marketing industry will be worth $17.4 billion this year. That means companies worldwide will pay $17.4 billion to other people just to mention, use, or talk about their products and services.
You can get that EXACT SAME value for FREE!
You can even get MORE from your clients’ testimonials because they authentically endorse your agency’s work. You are not paying them to recommend you. They do it because they love what you do and feel your services can add value to others.
So, why not start using the power of your clients’ love to grow your business instead of burning tons of money on ads?
Believe me, if you are doing a good job, your clients will be more than willing to give you a shout-out.

How to capture and showcase agency testimonials for maximum growth

Are you ready to get started? Now that we have the “why,” let’s dive into the “how”!
Disclaimer: This whole blog post is only helpful if you take action.
You can try many tools and tactics to run your social proof acquisition strategy, but is one you can’t miss.
It all goes down to the basic principles: you need a system that allows you to request, collect, and showcase testimonials in all formats with as little effort and friction as possible. allows you to do just that because it was solely designed for that purpose. It’s not a landing page creator, snipping tool, or survey software. is the ultimate social proof system.
It will drastically improve the conversions for your agency regardless of the industry that you are in. From marketing, and advertising agencies to design and web agencies, the list goes on!

Using to request, collect, and showcase agency testimonials

Collecting testimonials is hard. We get it! So we built Testimonial.
In minutes, you can collect text and video testimonials from your customers without needing a developer or website hosting in minutes.
Let me break it down for you. To be up and running with your social proof system, all you have to do is:
  1. Go to this site and click “Try FREE Now”
  1. Set up your “landing page” with a few clicks
  1. Embed the widget on your site and send the page to your prospects
That’s it. After capturing testimonials, your website can look like these two examples 👇 is focused on helping you make your Google Ads profitable and help you find ready-to-buy customers as well as audits. The website has three pages in the header, two regarding the pricing and services and one which they are calling ‘Results’. It displays various video testimonials, some customers followed by a long list of testimonials captured via It is displaying a ton of happy customers and increases a visitor's trust.
There is also Outstandly, a design agency for gaming. They take care of your game's visuals while you focus on the game mechanics and code. Throughout their stunning website, they embedded their testimonial Wall of Love. At any point, they can add, edit or remove testimonials without changing anything in the code.
When it comes to your collecting widget, it can be fully customized to your brand. You can also collect additional information such as their social or company name, and logo, or create custom fields.
notion image
As you can see, it’s straightforward and focused on streamlining your reviewer’s experience.
Our tool will give your users the fastest, hassle-free experience, paying off as you receive many more testimonials than the standard “hey, client, please send me a video” method.
Every testimonial your clients send will go directly to your Wall of Love.
It will look as stunning as the one below, and you can embed it on your site or share it online with a unique URL.
As an agency, you can leverage this feature and create different Walls of Love or embeddable widgets based on various services, niches, or campaigns or use testimonials individually to enhance a landing page or email campaign.
Sky is the limit! (And your creativity, of course.)
The best part is that your social proof strategy won’t have to rely only on testimonials you receive from your clients - but on their love shared anywhere online.
How do you achieve that? By using and Testimonial’s Chrome Extension to capture social proof from other review platforms, social channels, and anywhere online, basically.
Check out this quick video, it makes it easy for you to turn Tweets, LinkedIn posts, and any piece of text into a testimonial. We also integrate with review platforms like Clutch and you can take screenshots as well. ✌️
Video preview

The best’s integrations for agencies

Regardless of the industry that your agency is in, there are three main ways you can use Testimonial integrations to collect testimonials:

Automatic Importing

We support automatic and bulk importing for the major review platforms online.
Some examples relevant to agencies would be:
G2 Crowd is one of the most reputable review platforms for software and services. Their algorithm identifies fraudulent user reviews and manually screens the community to discourage unhelpful comments.
Click here to learn how to add G2 Crowd reviews to your website.
Here’s a Live demo.
Trustpilot is a review platform that’s open to everyone.
They help people to enterprises make better choices and encourage companies to up their game.
Now that you’ve received reviews on Trustpilot, you may be wondering how you can make the most out of them, and that’s by featuring this social proof on your website!
Click here to learn how to add Trustpilot reviews to your website.
Here’s a Live demo.
But why stop there? You can of course import reviews as well! 🙌

Manual Importing within

To illustrate this method, let’s focus on Facebook Page Reviews.
Start your free trial for and create a new space.
Step 1. After registering, visit the dashboard and click on + Create a new space.
notion image
Step 2. After clicking, you will see the Create a new space popup modal.
notion image
Step 3. Now that your space is ready, click ‘Options' and ‘Add a text.’
notion image
Step 4. Within that popup, add your Facebook page review information, and voila! 💪
notion image
Note that you can manually import testimonials you have received anywhere.

Use our Browser Extension to collect testimonials

Another option is using’s Browser extension to collect your testimonials.
Let’s use the same example as above, Facebook page reviews, but this time I will show you how you would do it using the browser extension.
Step 1. Install the Testimonial browser extension. It is available on all Chromium browsers such as Chrome, Brave, Vivaldi, Microsoft Edge, etc.
notion image
Step 2. Head to the Facebook Page reviews you’d like to add to your website or Wall of Love. Do a right-click followed by clicking on ‘Save text’.
notion image
Step 3. Add all the information that you would like to add to your testimonial.
Tip: Under ‘Select Spaces, ’ make sure to click the space it should be added to. You can also automatically add it to your wall of love by clicking on ‘Add to my Wall of Love.’
notion image
Step 4. That’s it! All your reviews will be added to your Testimonial account 💪
notion image

Embedding your testimonials

We understand that the steps and effort to get your testimonials online after receiving them should be minimal.
That’s why makes embedding your testimonials a piece of cake. 🎂
This guide is a general version of the simple steps you need to follow to get the code to embed your Wall of Love.
It’s just a few clicks! Still, we integrate with virtually every website builder you can think of.
See some examples here:
Or find your website builder on our integrations page.
We’re confident your team will love it! 💪

Earn more by upselling testimonial strategy services to your clients

If a testimonial strategy can help you make more money and close better deals, why not do the same for your clients? Some people like Justin Welsh have seen almost a 3x conversion by adding testimonials to their website.
As an agency, implementing a testimonial strategy for your clients can help increase your revenue per client. You can earn a 30% recurring commission by joining our affiliate program or you can check out our agency plan.
From adding testimonials to your clients’ sites, creating a Wall of Love for them, embedding the collecting widget, and setting up email flows, you can upsell a wide array of potential for one-off and monthly services related to testimonials and social proof.
Start offering it to your new clients or reach out to old ones. It’s just a matter of getting creative!

Closing Thoughts

Even in a competitive market, marketing your agency services shouldn’t be hard if you let your clients do the work.
Since you can’t expect them to work for you for free - ask them for a testimonial.
A testimonial is an asset that will work for your business 24/7, year-round.
People hate to be sold but love to get useful recommendations and read reviews.
Due to that, Testimonials are more potent than paid ads because they won’t be skipped or ignored.
We invite you to let be your social proof system.
This powerful solution was created to help you request, capture, and showcase your testimonials.
It will make you stand out, beat your competition, and get more of that dream, high-paying clients. 💜

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Damon Chen
Damon Chen

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