How to integrate with Testimonial

How to integrate with Testimonial

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If you’re here, you are very likely some sort of wizard looking to automate your workflows. We get you, there’s nothing better than a smooth automation flow to save time. 🤖🦾
In this article, we’ll cover how you can integrate with using webhooks.
For the time being, we do not integrate with directly. However, if you’d like this to be prioritized, feel free to reach out via our live chat! The more people do so, the sooner we will get to it.

What are webhooks?

Webhook allows you to send real-time notifications of events within to external services.
You can create/manage the webhook on your Settings page. Scroll down and you will find the Webhook section 👇
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A webhook consists of:

  • A URL you have configured, to which a webhook event will be posted
  • One or more events, will be posted to a specified URL
  • A secret key, which can be used to verify a webhook payload was sent by
When a webhook is triggered, a POST request will be made to the URL configured along with a JSON payload specific to the event type.

All Webhooks events

You can configure a webhook to be sent on the following events:
  • create - when a testimonial is created
  • like - when a testimonial is liked
  • unlike - when a testimonial is unliked
  • delete - when a testimonial is deleted


  1. Use webhooks to connect &
  1. Connect with hundreds of apps
  1. Visit this help center article to learn more
  1. Reach out via our live chat if you ever have any questions!
Voila! You’re now ready to automate your testimonial process 💪
To learn more about setting up webhooks, I would recommend visiting this help center article.
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When it comes to, the following tutorials should help as well:
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And of course, you can do even more things such as connecting it all with Shopify:
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We know this can be a bit of a confusing process so please do not hesitate to reach out via our live chat. We’re always happy to help ✌️
Want to simply reach out by email instead? That works too!