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The Ultimate Guide To Employee Testimonials: Top 7 Examples + Template

Looking for ways to attract high performers? Start leveraging employee testimonials! We have compiled a guide on how to collect and showcase employee testimonials to improve your recruitment cycle.

How Testimonials Can Help Your Agency Stand Out and Increase Sales

In this article, I will teach you why testimonials are a perfect way to set yourself apart from your competitors and how you can implement them in your agency starting today.

9 Solid ways to collect UGC from customers (+ how to display them)

Learn the ins and outs of user-generated content (UGC) and how to display it on your website.

Top 5 video testimonial advertising examples

Implement your own Video Testimonial advertising strategy by learning from brands like Notion, Apple, Salesforce, and more.

7 Easy Ways To Capture B2C Reviews and Testimonials

Learn about the intricacies of capturing B2C testimonials and reviews to help you create strong social proof.

Top 17 SaaS Review Sites You Need To Be On in 2023

You’ve successfully launched, now what? Here are 17 SaaS review sites you should be on to build your social proof.

I Spent $35,000 on a “Typo Domain.” Good or Bad Investment?

After spending an “unreasonable” amount of cash on a typo domain six months ago, here’s my ROI and the lessons learned.

6 Ways To Add Social Proof To Your Website [+ 17 Examples]

In this blog post, we'll cover 6 ways to add social proof to your website. From customer testimonials to social media mentions, we'll show you how to get the most out of your testimonials.

Reviews vs. Testimonials? Why You Need Both to Succeed

What's the difference between a review and a testimonial, do you need both? and how can you encourage your customers to leave both? Keep reading to find out!