How to embed Twitter Shoutouts on Your Website

Learn how to display Twitter shoutouts on your website in no time!

How to embed Twitter Shoutouts on Your Website
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Twitter doesn’t need much of an introduction, if you’re running a business you’re likely going to receive various kinds of Twitter shoutouts. Now that your business or team is getting tagged on Twitter, you may be wondering how to get the most out of them and that’s by adding them to your website! In this article, we will show you how to add Twitter shoutouts to your website. Here’s a Live demo:
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What is

Testimonial effortlessly lets you collect customer shoutouts from Twitter and display them on your website with customized, interactive, and beautiful review widget features. We make it easy to capture, manage, and broadcast testimonials to improve the reputation of your brand or service and help you convert better. What’s more? With, integrating your shoutouts on your website only requires adding a single line of code onto your site. You don't need any specialist tools or developers — just copy and paste!

Our Twitter Integration

  • Bulk import tweet collections to your Wall of Love
  • Collect text and video testimonials
  • Create a Wall of Love or testimonial page (ex: /wall-of-love)
  • Display a testimonial slider or a single testimonial


  1. Create an account on Testimonial and bulk import your Twitter shoutouts
  1. Create and customize your Wall of Love
  1. Copy the HTML code and navigate to your website builder
  1. Paste the code in the HTML editor, and Publish your site
Voila! Your website is now ready to convert better with social proof 💪

Import Your Twitter Shoutouts to Testimonial

Before being able to display your Twitter shoutouts, you need to gather them in one place.

Option 1: Use our new fetching tool to bulk import your shoutouts

You can skip some of the importing steps by using our Twitter fetching tool instead. It allows you to bulk import Twitter shoutouts to in just a few clicks, the first one being here.
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Option 2: Bulk Import Twitter Shoutouts within

Start your free trial for and create a new space. To learn more about all the settings and features below, you can visit the Get started collection in our help center.
Step 1. After registering, visit the dashboard and click on + Create a new space.
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Step 2. After clicking, you will see the Create a new space popup modal.
To learn more about all the settings and features below, you can visit the Get started collection in our help center.
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Step 3. Now that your space is ready, click on ‘Other reviews’ under integrations followed by clicking on ‘Twitter’.
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Step 4. Within that popup, you can import a single tweet or a collection.
To import a single tweet, simply add the link to the tweet. To create a collection, you can click here to learn more about how to create one on Tweetdeck.
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Here’s a short demo video that will show how to import your Twitter Shoutouts 👇

Option 3: Import Twitter shoutouts with our browser extension

Step 1. Install the Testimonial browser extension. It is available on all chromium browsers such as Chrome, Brave, Vivaldi, Microsoft Edge, etc.
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Step 2. Head to the Twitter shoutout you’d like to add to your website or Wall of Love. Click on the three dots on the top right followed by clicking ‘Add testimonial’.
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Step 3. Customize your shoutout before adding it to your testimonial account.
Tip: Under ‘Select Spaces’ make sure to click the space it should be added to. You can also automatically add it to your wall of love by clicking on ‘Add to my Wall of Love’.
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Step 4. That’s it! All your shoutouts will be added to your Testimonial account 💪
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How to Embed Twitter Shoutouts on any website

Now that your social proof has been imported to Testimonial, let’s cover how you can display your Twitter shoutouts on your website. In the example below, we’ll be using Webflow.
Note: This will look a bit different depending on your website builder, check out our integrations to learn more about how to embed testimonials on your website more specifically.
We integrate with many website builders such as Webflow, Wix, WordPress, Squarespace, Typedream, and many more.

Step-by-Step Instructions

Step 1. Go to your account dashboard and visit the space you want to add to your website. After clicking the space, you will see "Wall of Love" option on the left sidebar in the Embed section.
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Step 2. Click that, then choose the styles you want to display the wall of love, in the last step, you will find the embed code. Click the "Copy code" button will copy the code to the clipboard automatically.
You can learn more about customizing your Wall of Love by visiting this article.
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Step 3. Paste the code in the HTML editor from your website builder, then click Save & Close button.
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Voila! Your Twitter shoutouts will now appear on your site ✌️ 
Here’s an example from
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You can even create a slider such as the one Arvid created for
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