3 Proven Testimonial Templates You Can Use

Check out our list of customer testimonial templates and start generating more high-quality reviews for your product or service today.

3 Proven Testimonial Templates You Can Use
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If there’s anything we can learn from the big players in any industry, it’s that reviews and testimonials are some of the best marketing out there.
Just take a look at any of Amazon’s product pages to get a great example of this:
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And the same is true for practically every product out there. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a business that doesn’t ask for a review afterward.
But all of this begs the question:
“Why are testimonials and reviews so important, and how can I use them to the best effect?”
Luckily for you, that’s exactly what we’ll be discussing today, along with some examples of the best client testimonial templates.
Let’s get right into it!

Why are testimonials so vital?

Testimonials are your customer’s endorsements of your products in their words. These fit into a marketing category called “social proof”.
Reviews, testimonials, and personal recommendations all fit into that category—and when it comes to marketing, it’s one of the most important to get down.
Think about it this way:
If you were going to buy a car, whose word would you trust more: the car salesman or another consumer who’s already purchased and driven that car?
People buy from people. Most people are more inclined to believe fellow consumers, and that’s exactly why social proof is so powerful. In fact, about 87% of online purchase decisions begin with research into things like testimonials.
Social proof is practically a marketer’s gold.
But there’s still a problem.
Social proof only works if you use it correctly — and unfortunately, plenty of companies stumble at this step.

Where most companies go wrong with testimonials

Lack of strategy is one of the biggest mistakes you can make when it comes to testimonials.
Some marketers and companies ask for reviews from their customers with no prior planning. That leaves them with a review that offers no value because it doesn’t highlight the problems the product solves. Nor is it convincing enough to convert new customers.
You don’t want that.
From the car example above, you can see that the second review offers much more to consumers when it comes to buying decisions.
And that’s what you need to get for your products.
The best approach for getting high-quality reviews is to use customer testimonial templates.
You have to strategically steer previous customers to give you reviews. And the templates we’ll share later in this post can make things much easier for everyone involved.

Forming a testimonial strategy to generate high-quality social proof

Creating a strategy for your testimonials isn’t as hard as you might think.
You’ve got to follow a simple script and modify it to suit the product at hand. One such template could look something like this:
“I loved using [Product name] because of its [product advantage]. I was concerned about how they would manage [objection], but I’m happy that it isn’t a problem with [product name]. I used [product name] specifically to/for [best use scenario] and would continue to do so because it’s so amazing.”
And there you have it. Now that you know what you want your customer to say, you need only to ask them the right questions.
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If your testimonials don’t focus on the aspects in the example above, then it’s time to fix that.

Our top 3 testimonial templates

Different industries have different requirements. Sometimes a short review does the trick while other times you need a longer endorsement. Here are some client testimonial templates that you can use:

1. Video testimonial template

Videos are excellent social proof. Many businesses have video testimonials on their websites and social media pages.
Here are the key points you should include:
  1. Mention what the problem was that made you (the customer) buy our product/service.
  1. Focus on how the product/service solved your problem.
  1. Make it sound authentic and enthusiastic.
  1. Show product/service in hands or while using if possible.
Have a look at this example of how you can do video testimonials right:
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2. Product or services testimonials template

Your only goal with a product or service review is to show potential buyers that your product has value.
For that, you can ask for a small two-sentence review if your services or products are not high-end. And if your products are costly, then you should get a longer, in-depth review.
Either way, here’s the template you should follow:
[Product/Service name]
[product/Service name]
[key feature].
[mention use]
[product/Service name]
[End with encouraging words such
You can also include the product reviews as direct quotes because those work great as testimonials. Or add them to your social media to create buzz around your product or service.
Here’s a video testimonial Levels.fyi co-founder Zuhayeer recorded for testimonial.to:

3. Third-party testimonial template

Since many people begin searching for products on search engines and forums, having reviews on third-party platforms such as G2, Trustpilot and Google is a great idea. Here’s what you should include in this case:
  1. Mention the brand by full name and location if you have a store.
  1. Name the product reviewed and add visuals if feasible.
  1. Mention product quality and the problem the product solved.
  1. Talk briefly about the product, customer service, etc.
Here’s an example of a review Seamless.ai received on G2:
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The review looks authentic because the customer shares his own experience. If a potential lead is in a similar situation as the person writing the review, it's likely the customer will subscribe to the service.

The takeaway

Your product may be the best one out there. But if you can’t convince people of that, then you are just another fish in the pond.
We’ve been in the testimonials business for some time now. And we’ve got all the insights on what works and what doesn’t when it comes to reviews.
The customer testimonial templates we’ve shared above are gems — you just have to use them right.
If you’re ready to step up your testimonials game and get video reviews from your customers, then check out how testimonials.to can help.
With our platform, you can collect, manage and upload reviews while also getting real-time data on how your testimonials are performing. So give it a go!

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