8 Creative Methods to Showcase Your Testimonials for Maximum Impact

Read this article and learn eight creative methods to showcase your testimonials so they can fulfill their mission by influencing as many prospects as possible.

8 Creative Methods to Showcase Your Testimonials for Maximum Impact
8 Creative Methods to Showcase Your Testimonials for Maximum Impact
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Feb 28, 2024
Read this article and learn eight creative methods to showcase your testimonials so they can fulfill their mission by influencing as many prospects as possible.
Collecting testimonials is hard. We get it!
That’s why we built Testimonial:
To simplify the collection process for you and your customers.
So, after that problem is solved… What happens next?
The next natural challenge in this process is effectively showcasing the testimonials you received.
We can help you solve it, too!
Read this article and learn eight creative methods to showcase your testimonials so they can fulfill their mission by influencing as many prospects as possible.

Create a dedicated Wall of Love page

A Wall of Love is a digital page where you can showcase the love your clients send you through testimonials and reviews.
Imagine a landing page focused on the best experiences of your most notable clients.
That is precisely one of the main things you can get when you sign up for Testimonial.
All of your collected video and text testimonials can be manually or automatically sent to a dedicated website or landing page, where they will be beautifully showcased to anyone who has the URL or finds your link online.
Since people hate to be sold by companies but don’t mind learning from other users’ experiences, a tool like Testimonial and a Wall of Love page can become a compelling marketing tool.
The best is that you don’t need to know design or programming to make these strategies work for you.
notion image
notion image
They have set it up so all of their testimonials land here, they have added many social media ones, and they also include a link for anyone who visits the site to leave a testimonial.

Embed testimonials on your website

The same Wall of Love that I described above can be embedded on your website or landing page as a segment of the body of the page.
The embedded Wall of Love is different because it's not a dedicated page but rather a widget or section that can be added to various parts of the website as you prefer.
That is what Matt Gray has added on his website's “Courses” section.
It includes all relevant sections first…
notion image
And then it implements the Testimonial Wall of Love embed:
notion image
You can create yours in seconds and the best is you can play with it:
  • Use different layouts or effects
  • Customize the visual aspect of your embed
  • Include all of your testimonials or just some of them
  • Create your embed based on tags
  • Auto-update the embed with new testimonials
You can do as you please to make it look good and serve your purposes.
Create unlimited embeds and showcase your social proof in any platform or website builder that supports HTML or iFrame embeds.

Embed testimonials on your emails

Email is one of the main communication tools nowadays.
If you run a business, email is almost surely a part of your day-to-day.
So, it doesn't matter if you are sending a regular email, a newsletter issue, or an email sequence that includes a “thank you” or an order confirmation email - you can easily embed your single video and text testimonials.
All you have to do is install this Chrome extension into your browser and then go to your email, and click this icon:
notion image
Then visit your Testimonial dashboard, grab your single testimonial embed code, and copy-paste it into this box:
notion image
Voilá! Your email will be majestically crowned with a video or text testimonial.
notion image
In this case, I embedded a video testimonial.
Please not you cannot properly embed an entire Wall of Love on emails yet. We are currently working to provide our own solution for this matter so that you can make the best use of your social proof in email communications.

Create aesthetic images from your testimonials

If you are more of the visual type or if your marketing strategy requires so, you can generate good-looking versions of any text-based testimonial with a couple of clicks.
For example, one of our users received a text testimonial and he transformed it into this:
notion image
These image testimonials will be useful if you want to post your customers’ love on social media, share the image on a WhatsApp message, or attach it to an email.
The levels of customization allowed are also a big plus. You can create images that match your branding perfectly.
To make it even better and faster, you can save the branding as templates just to generate the images with a couple of clicks when necessary.
notion image
You can learn how to generate your image testimonials here.

Share your testimonials physically

Today, we think about almost everything from a digital perspective only.
Still, we shouldn’t underestimate the reach of physical testimonials.
You can print your testimonials from the image version or the original text only, or you can use your creativity to create your own versions of physical testimonials.
Then you can use them on:
  • Banners
  • Flyers
  • Stickers for your physical products
  • And more
You will be surprised about how relevant the physical version of your testimonials can be.

Share your testimonials using a QR code.

Inspired by the previous section, you can also create a QR code that redirects to your testimonials and print it using an app like this one.
If you put it in your restaurant, store, on the bus, or anywhere, your potential customers can visit your wall of love or a website where your social proof is displayed as well.
notion image
This is a good combination of physical and digital and it may make a lot of sense depending on the type of business or project you are trying to grow and where your prospect customers spend their time.

Share testimonials on social media for better branding

Sharing a beautiful image of your testimonials is definitely not the only thing you can do if you want to leverage social media
Your opportunities in this area are basically unlimited, but they all depend on your creativity and the options offered by the social platform you're trying to use.
For example, if you're using Instagram for marketing and content, why settle just for regular posts of your testimonials when you can create stories or Reels using them?
Another example for Instagram would be using the Highlighted Stories section of your account to showcase your favorite testimonials, either text or video.
You can add a nice thumbnail to your Highlighted Stories section and make it very easy for new users to find your testimonials when they visit your account.
notion image
Finally, one of my suggestions would be to benefit from any linking options on your social profiles.
You can use them to link to your Wall of Love page or website with the Testimonial embed.
For example, this is a case of Superhuman on X.
notion image
As you can see, they made it very easy for people to find their Wall of Love page, and they are not even using their main link option.
Their testimonials will be much more effective through this backlink because the traffic will increase.
There are a lot of platforms where you can apply this, so think outside of the box and find a way to use social media to your advantage because it can be a very powerful tool for people to see your social proof and become your customers, users, or more.

Share testimonials in a good UGC story or case study that shows authenticity

Let's face it: collecting a video testimonial is more complex than people might imagine.
If you succeeded with the collection, why not use the testimonial in as many places as possible?
If you do so, you're maximizing the ROI on your efforts and ensuring that your testimonial's effectiveness goes to the maximum possible, too.
I love how one of our customers, Rewardful, collected this fantastic testimonial from his client, Uplisting, and then used the material in a case study.
notion image
The same testimonial became a YouTube video.
notion image
And if you watch the video, what Dan Kavanagh says about Rewardful is so well-thought that their team could easily use the same video in a UGC marketing story, repurpose it to their social media channels, and more.
This example highlights the importance of providing a good product or service so that when you ask for a testimonial, your users or customers will give you something very powerful for your marketing efforts.

These are just a few creative things you can do to share your social proof online.
Let me know what you think or if I missed any.
Remember that Testimonial is here to connect prospects with your business using technology and social proof.

Written by

Damon Chen
Damon Chen

Founder of Testimonial