People need a video to believe it!

Before's team uses before Testimonial, all it did was to show anonymous text reviews and some word of mouth. But once its team added Testimonial, it unlocked so much more conversion for them.

People need a video to believe it!
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Description is a leading platform to show the most accurate crowdsourced salary data in the tech industry. It lets you compare career levels & compensation packages across different companies.
A year ago, launched a new negotiation service, the goal is to help people negotiate a better job offer. But one of the biggest difficulties is how to convert more leads. Its prospective clients were always questioning whether it's legit and whether it can deliver what it promised.'s team did a wonderful job in serving all its clients, and its clients are all extremely happy, but all its new prospective clients just don't easily believe it. Since there are already tons of text testimonials on its website, it didn't perform well, collecting video testimonials was brought onto its table. And team started to use to collect & display all video testimonials since Feb 2021.
6 months later, Zuhayeer Musa, one of's cofounders sent us the following messages, we are super happy for him!
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Exactly as Zuhayeer said, people need a video to believe it!
This is what its Negotiation Service page looks like when it was just launched (the screenshot is from As you can see, no video testimonials, only text ones with some numbers which don't add any authenticity, or even look like a fake.
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This is what its Negotiation Service page looks like today. Yes, you got it, the video testimonials! 🔥
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Compare to less-convincing text testimonials, video testimonials definitely add more weight and portray authenticity. Video testimonials can do lots of things that text testimonials can't. They are more engaging and easier to consume. They are more powerful because they connect people with empathy. They can establish a much deeper trust and credibility with potential clients. At the end of the day, people buy from people. Zuhayeer said it right, people need a video to believe it, only video can provide true authenticity!
That's why Zuhayeer and his team decided to put all video testimonials on top of all other reviews to show the social proof.
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Now the sales funnel for becomes super conversion-driven after adopting video testimonials.
  1. Leads come to the site,
  1. get to know what the service is, and know its value props,
  1. check out social proofs, like video testimonials,
  1. finalize the purchase by clicking the CTA.
There are two very critical stages in the funnel. One is step 2, show the service. For any product/service, if it doesn't deliver any value to its customers/clients, things won't work out. For, the biggest value prop for its Guarantee plan is 10X ROI (Return on Investment), which means you are guaranteed to get at least a $10K+ total package increase, and you only need to pay $999. For any potential buyers, it sounds like a no-brainer. Is it this simple? Do you think leads will be convinced to click the CTA button at this stage?
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No! People are still skeptical. Is it legit business, can it deliver what people paid for? That's why step 3, showing video testimonials comes into the picture.
Video testimonials are's superweapons in driving more sales. Many clients watch previous customers' video testimonials before making a purchase. Instead of bragging via its own marketing copies, showing its happy customers testimonials especially video testimonials is a good opportunity to show potential customers who is, what it can do for them, and why its negotiation service is the best fit for their needs.
We are also very fortunate to get a video testimonial from Zuhayeer as well.
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Here is the transcript if you prefer to read it:
Hi everyone, my name is Zuhayeer, I’m one of the founders at And our mission is to help people build better careers. Just a year ago, we launched our negotiation service where experienced tech recruiters and our team help candidates negotiate higher offers. We’ve got increases ranging from $20k all the way up to north of $1 million, just in increases, which is super exciting! And before Testimonial, all we have to show for it was anonymous text reviews and word of mouth. But once we added Testimonial, it unlocked so much more conversion for us. People could really hear and see the real faces who have been to our service and how much they loved it. A lot of folks really just need to hear from them to believe it. And they best way to sell your product is really just to let your users speak for you, and Testimonial allows you to do that! If you have a product and need to build social proof at all, let your users submit a testimonial. It’s probably one of the greatest investment you can make! ❤️
If you run a business that deals with real people, we highly recommend you take advantage of the video testimonial. provides the easiest and simplest solution on the market to help your team collect and display video testimonials. Check out our Wall of Love:

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