Learn How Testimonial Forms Can Improve Your Reputation Marketing Game

Discover how to level up your reputation marketing efforts using Testimonial forms.

Learn How Testimonial Forms Can Improve Your Reputation Marketing Game
Learn How Testimonial Forms Can Improve Your Reputation Marketing Game
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Feb 28, 2024
Discover how to level up your reputation marketing efforts using Testimonial forms.
If your reputation marketing campaigns demand flexibility and customization, you shouldn’t suffer to get them.
A solid tech stack supporting you would guarantee that you have the control required to succeed.
The approach you want to follow when requesting and capturing social proof can change from time to time, and that does not mean you need to build a new website from scratch or modify your existing collecting page.
Reputation marketing should be easy. You shouldn’t need to be a designer, a programmer, or have dedicated employees to succeed with these endeavors.
That is when testimonial forms come in.
Testimonial forms are fully customizable, collecting landing pages.
Since they can be built in two minutes and have the same power as the regular testimonial collecting page, they will be super helpful if you want to level up your reputation marketing game.
One of our users, the digital entrepreneur Mateo Melgar, is an excellent example of how to use Testimonial forms in his personal brand website.
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He has a main collecting page for his freelancing and consulting project.
In addition to his main page, he set up a Testimonial form for his weekly Newsletter, Make Money Online, as a way to grow his newsletter using social proof.
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If Mateo added more products/projects or even beta products to his Testimonial account, he would be able to create more forms to collect testimonials, feedback, or other valuable data to boost his business's growth.
Have you started to perceive how testimonial forms could help you?

How are forms different from my collecting page?

As a Testimonial user, you have a main collecting landing page per space.
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Your collecting page is the central point of your project/business when capturing new testimonials.
If this were a website, your collecting page would be the home page.
Forms are sibling versions of your collection page.
You can think about them as landing pages because you would aim to use forms as additional collecting pages that you can use to:
  • Diversify or vary from your campaign’s original collecting approach
  • Collect social proof for events, side projects, or other initiatives related to your main business
  • Run marketing experiments
  • Gather analytical data

How do I create a form?

If you are ready to create your first form, please visit Testimonial.to, log in (or sign up if you haven’t.)
Then go to your dashboard:
notion image
Select a space:
notion image
Scroll down and click “Manage Forms.”
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Click “Create new form.”
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Finally, follow the prompts to set up your form according to your needs.
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You can customize the title, description, etcetera, but also:
  • Add a video message
  • Include your logo
  • Add different types of questions to guide your users when sharing their experience
  • Collect information like title, company, social links, physical address
  • Add custom information inputs
  • Set up different languages
  • Set up your brand colors and other custom elements
  • Enable autotranslation
  • Add your legal consents or similar disclaimers
  • Add your Testimonial affiliate link
  • Add a 3rd-party review link
  • Auto-apply tags on testimonial collection
  • Send the collected testimonials directly to the Wall of Love
  • Customize your thank page or redirect to your own
  • And more
And voilá, your new form is ready to go.
You can create different numbers of forms depending on your plan.
If you are a Testimonial user already (on the Premium plan or above), you can start creating forms immediately without needing a new subscription, extra charges, or creating new spaces.
The Premium Plan has five forms per space, and the Ultimate Plan has unlimited forms per space.
On its own, the forms feature increases the value you get for your subscription because these were not included in the past, and the price didn’t change after they were added to the existing plans.
Forms also come with additional features like:
  • Auto-tag testimonials based on the form used for the collection
  • Applying custom domain to your forms
Video preview

What else can I do with Testimonial forms?

Do you have a new idea, variant, or special project/event?
There’s no need to modify your main collecting page each time.
Create a new Testimonial form.
  • Replicate your original landing page and make some changes, or if you want, you can create one from scratch.
  • Use these forms to capture specific formats of social proof (video only or just text testimonials).
  • Use them for new versions of your landing page in other languages (when you aren’t happy with the auto-translation of the original one).
  • Gather other types of feedback (not just positive testimonials).
And you can do a lot more, for example, improving your marketing and analytics.
Marketing is a science. Forms are an excellent way to benefit from the quantitative side of online marketing.
  • Use your forms to run A/B tests.
  • Use them in your marketing funnels. For example, you can automatically tag testimonials based on the form they were collected with and then create Walls of Love based on those tags.
  • Understand your reputation marketing campaigns at a deeper level using our analytics features.
  • Run more extensive and more complex reputation marketing campaigns.
I hope this description and introduction give you a sense of the great things that can be achieved using testimonial forms in your testimonial marketing efforts.
We invite you to sign up for Testimonial so you can start using this feature.

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Damon Chen
Damon Chen

Founder of Testimonial