10 Examples of Wall of Love and Testimonial Pages

In this blog post, we'll take a look at 10 examples who have used their Wall of Love beautifully.

10 Examples of Wall of Love and Testimonial Pages
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A wall of love is a great way to showcase all the nice testimonials you get from your customers. It’s an amazing method to show off your work, with quotes from happy customers, just the thing that your potential true customers are most likely to trust.
To better illustrate how practical a Wall of Love can be, here are 10 examples who have used their Wall of Love beautifully.
If you're looking to build your own, this list is the perfect place to get some inspiration!

1. OpenVC

OpenVC is an open resource that helps connect start-up founders and investors. Their website has a Wall of Love page that contains tweets from both investors and founders who have used and loved their tool. It has quite a few tweets, elegantly put together in a nice Wall of Love.
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2. Startup Coffee

Startup Coffee offers ethically-sourced, small batch specialty coffee for startup founders. In addition to testimonials on the homepage, the website has a dedicated Wall of Love that puts together tweets from customers who have enjoyed the product. Some tweets include pictures of coffee cups and even a video testimonial, which brings more life to the page.
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3. Superhuman

Superhuman is an email client that offers even a faster and more slick experience. Its website is full of client testimonials at every turn, but they also have a separate Wall of Love. The Wall of Love looks great with tweets from happy customers, sometimes including photos and screenshots. It’s pleasant to look at and it shows just how satisfied the many customers are.
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4. Bloom Institute of Technology

BloomTech is an online coding bootcamp, offering many courses. The website has a full page showcasing their success; from stats to testimonials. The Wall of Love includes graduate success stories, with quotes and photos.
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5. HelpKit

HelpKit provides a tool that turns Notion pages into a hosted professional knowledge base with no-code needed. They have a Wall of Love directly visible on their homepage. The Wall of Love is composed of different client testimonials from both Twitter and Product Hunt. The positive feedback is put together in a great way, it looks good and makes the product look good too!
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6. Plutio

Plutio is an app that provides a toolkit for running a business, including projects management, a files system as well as forms and surveys. The website has a Wall of Love in a page called ‘customers’ which starts with embedded star ratings from various websites (such as G2, Product Hunt, Trustpilot and Capterra). This is followed by some five star reviews from these sites, some of them including videos.
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7. Beehiiv

Beehiiv is a creator-friendly newsletter platform. Their website has a beautiful Wall of Love page that brings together testimonials from tweets and reviews. The satisfied customers talk about the pros of using the platform (sometimes in videos) but most importantly, they give proof (actual numbers) on the positive impact of using Beehiiv in their business.
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8. Coolors

Coolors is a tool that includes a colors palette generator, ready to use color palettes as well as palette extractor (from images). It offers all the options in a Chrome extension, Figma plugin as well as iOS and Android apps. The website has a Wall of Love that includes reviews from happy customers along with a star rating. All featured ratings are five starts, which, along with the beautiful testimonials, looks pretty great!
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9. SlingshotEdge

SlingshotEdge is a company that offers tools and training for marketing and sales messaging, helping companies better communicate with their prospective and current customers.
The Wall of Love is accessible directly from the menu, under the cool title “Proof of the pudding” and the proof is, indeed, in the pudding; the page contains tens of five star reviews with words from satisfied clients.
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10. Recalc

Recalc offers online finance courses and spreadsheet training in a practical and skill-based approach. Their website not only shows some positive reviews on the homepage but also has a nice wall of love under a ‘testimonials” page. It shows feedback from happy clients, including from LinkedIn.
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Wrapping up…

And there you have it: 10 Examples of Wall of Love and Testimonial Pages
All these examples show that while having happy customers is great, it’s even better when you use their testimonials in a Wall of Love. This allows you to build your online reputation, grow your business and get even more happy customers!
If you want to build your own Wall of Love in minutes, visit Testimonial.to.
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