40 Free Testimonial Templates for Social Media

In this blog post, we'll share 40 Testimonial Templates we built for you on Figma. These templates are ready to be customized and shared on social media!

40 Free Testimonial Templates for Social Media
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Testimonials are one of the most powerful marketing tools you could use. They can be great to build an image of your company. The decisions of your potential customers are influenced by what they see in testimonials and reviews and that's why a testimonial page is essential.
How your testimonials look, and not just the content, is paramount for your online reputation. Testimonials have to be eye catching, look appealing and be accessible.
Keep reading to see a variety of templates that can give your testimonials a nice and fun look, with designs adapted to each platform. These Free Figma templates can be an amazing tool to showcase your great testimonials!
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Twitter Templates

There are 10 different templates made to look good attached to twitter posts. They all highlight a perfect pairing between images and text, with the possibility of adding a photo of the customer along with the testimonial.
This template, for example, allows for more text and looks great with a longer testimonial
While this template lets you catch people’s attention with a big photo of the customer and keeping it simple with a short but concise quote.

LinkedIn Templates

Testimonials on Linkedin can also be a powerful tool. The format for this platform looks similar to the one for Twitter, allowing you to integrate both a picture and text testimonial in your post. They come in different colors, different also in picture size and quote length, so that you can find the perfect template for your glowing testimonial.
Some of the LinkedIn templates even have room for a star rating for your great business, like this one.

Instagram Posts Templates

When you think of testimonials on instagram, you’ll probably think of video testimonials. However, you can also have testimonials in Instagram post format, nicely combining photo and text in an engaging testimonial post.
You could use this white background minimalistic sort of design, giving all the attention to your customer’s praise.
Or instead, you don’t have to give extra attention to the words or the picture. You could use this post that is simply split in half between the photo and text testimonial, it would look great on your Insta!

Instagram Story Templates

You could have your testimonials in Instagram story format, a very visual and appealing look. Contrary to the others, this template is longitudinal, perfect for stories. There are various templates there too, some of them contain more spaces for texts than others.
A slight preference may be given to templates that provide less text space, as it is more suitable for stories, like this example.
Actually, testimonials for IG story templates need to be more engaging and concise while being attractive with nice pictures. The color palette can vary between blue, white and gray with different backgrounds for the templates to allow more flexibility. Check out this example, mostly in blue and the next one more neutral in white.

Download 40 Testimonial Templates on Figma

Testimonials are important for your business since your potential customers want to see what people think of you, rather than seeing you bragging about yourself.
It is essential to leverage testimonials, and how you do that depends on how they are presented. It's not enough to have glowing testimonials, but you also need to showcase them in the best possible way, and in a way that's appropriate for the platform you're using to share them.
This is where these varied and attractive templates come in. They are designed to make it easy for you to communicate your testimonials and for your potential customer to spot, understand and trust them.
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