The Ultimate Guide To Employee Testimonials: Top 7 Examples + Template

Looking for ways to attract high performers? Start leveraging employee testimonials! We have compiled a guide on how to collect and showcase employee testimonials to improve your recruitment cycle.

The Ultimate Guide To Employee Testimonials: Top 7 Examples + Template
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There has been a seismic shift in recruitment practices over the last few years. Companies have realized the importance of an employee-centric approach to attract the best talent.
With workplace culture taking the front seat in talent acquisition, organizations are putting their best foot forward to promote a positive employer brand.
To get the best talent, your business must establish itself as a cultural champion that promotes ample learning and career growth.
Good employee management practices build a sound foundation of engaged, happy, and loyal employees. But how do you leverage that to recruit top-tier people in every recruitment cycle?
Start collecting and showcasing your employee testimonials.
Like customers, job seekers are more likely to believe an employee’s opinion about their employer. Employee testimonials portray your workforce’s positive experience, establish your employer brand, and simplify recruitment.
To make the process easier, we have compiled a guide on how to collect and showcase employee testimonials for the best recruitment marketing.

What are employee testimonials?

An employee testimonial is an employee’s account of their experience in an organization. It acts as an endorsement from a team member describing what they like about working in your company. These testimonials can be text-based or in video format.
Here’s one of the classic formats, but it doesn’t have to be a video like this. There are a ton of other ways to approach employee testimonials.
Video preview

Types of employee testimonials

You can choose from these formats of employee testimonials:


Videos grab attention and help the audience retain information. Well-produced videos featuring your employees talking about their experience in your organization can attract quality candidates. You can also encourage your employees to create short videos showing the office environment.


Third-party review sites like Glassdoor feature employee opinions of different companies. They are usually concise and more authentic. Most sites also combine star ratings with reviews. You can follow this format to showcase employee testimonials on your own website.

Blog posts

You can also take a detailed approach to testimonials through blog posts. Your employees can write about their experience informally and include photos and videos to make it more appealing.

Social media takeovers

To make employee testimonial collection a fun process, you can also conduct social media takeovers. Let your employees run your social media accounts for a day. They can post videos that highlight the office culture and environment.


You can take snippets from text-based employee testimonials and share them along with the photo of the employee.

How to collect employee testimonials

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The best way to collect employee testimonials is by simply asking your employees. Conduct 1:1 meetings and ask about their experience in your organization. See if they are facing issues and help them navigate those problems.
If you find the responses positive, ask them if they will provide testimonials. If you are planning to create video testimonials, send them a detailed request email describing the schedule and time commitment. You can also share the employee testimonial questions you’ll be including.
However, not everyone is comfortable being on camera. In that case, you can ask them to submit written testimonials on their work experience.
Monitor review platforms and social media to capture employee testimonials. This will also help you improve your organization’s shortcomings.
However, asking each employee for testimonials and sorting through them manually is a tiring, repetitive, and error-prone process. Filming, uploading, and embedding these reviews can also take up significant time and investment.
To make the process easier and more effective, consider opting for an efficient employee testimonial tool like Here, you can collect text and video testimonials from your employees in a few minutes without emptying your pockets. The best part? You can embed all your testimonials without a developer.

How to share your employee testimonials?

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The purpose of collecting testimonials is to show jobseekers your employee-friendly organization. So after you collect employee reviews, make sure you share them effectively.
Here are a few ways you can properly showcase your employee testimonials:

Job boards

The best place to showcase your employee testimonials is your job board. You can add it in your job posting in the “Why Us” section. It will make the job vacancy at your organization more appealing by marketing your employer status directly to job seekers.
You can embed testimonials on job boards through Testimonial’s LinkedIn, Glassdoor, and Indeed integrations.

Social media

Be it talent acquisition or brand visibility, having a thriving digital presence is an absolute necessity for modern businesses. You can leverage your social media reach and showcase employee testimonials on virtual platforms.
On Testimonial, you can easily embed Facebook page reviews. It also lets you turn Instagram shoutouts and TikTok comments into testimonials.

Wall of Love

Prospective job candidates visit company websites to look for employment opportunities and to get an idea about their employer brand. Here, having a dedicated Wall of Love page featuring employee testimonials will boost their confidence in you as their future employer.
Make sure your Wall of Love is not one-dimensional. Apart from video testimonials, include text-based reviews, quotes with employee pictures, etc.
You can directly collect these testimonials using our integrations and embed them on your website with minimal steps.

Careers page

You can also create a dedicated careers page on your website to highlight your workplace culture and attract quality applications. Testimonial offers integrations across platforms like Slack and Gmail so that you can give your audience a sneak peek of your work environment.

7 best employee testimonial examples

Don’t know how to collect and showcase reviews?
Here are 7 employee testimonial examples to show you how top companies do it:

1. Capgemini

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Over the years, Capgemini has established a strong employer brand across the globe. This multinational IT company effectively leverages employee testimonials to attract and hire the best people.
Capgemini’s website has a separate careers page with a section titled Life at Capgemini.” Here, the company showcases a plethora of employee testimonials and presents them as a blend of both video and text-based reviews.
The page has vibrant pictures, boasting about the company’s work environment. The videos are lively and quick, with employees detailing how much they enjoy working at Capgemini.

2. Procter and Gamble

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P&G is a shining name in the consumer goods industry and has become a sought-after employer across countries. Their website’s Leadership Development page showcases some of the best employee testimonial examples.
Besides detailing the various leadership and learning opportunities provided by the company, the page supports the records by featuring text-based employee testimonial sample.
Along with employee reviews, the company uses vibrant and happy employees' faces to enhance authenticity. The testimonials highlight the crucial parts of the employee experience under quotation to grab the attention of the visitors.

3. Nike

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Nike has based its brand image on inspirational stories and authentic experiences. Their talent acquisition strategy also follows the same ideology.
This leading athletic apparel brand has a dedicated career page where they feature employee testimonials. The videos show inspiring employee stories and how their job at Nike helped them become their best versions.
Nike believes “innovation is about elevating human potential,” and that’s exactly what this employee testimonial sample highlights. The employees describe how they chose to work for Nike because the brand “stood for something” and how it aimed to “change the world through sports.”

4. Amex

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American Express's career page gives visitors a colorful insight into the company’s work culture and environment. It portrays synergy among its workforce of over 60,000 professionals.
The page is full of vibrant and exciting images of the company’s employees. They focus on featuring a diverse group of Amex employees from different nations and cultures. The page represents unity and a healthy work environment that attracts candidates to apply for jobs at Amex.

5. FabFitFun

Video preview
FabFitFun produced the above employee testimonial video, where the company’s employees discuss what they like about their organization. They talk about how the team is passionate about their jobs and how easy it is to collaborate with their colleagues.
One employee also describes how there is no jealousy among the colleagues and says, “As a team, we fail. As a team, we succeed.” She also adds how the company gives her autonomy over her work and trusts her capabilities.

6. Starbucks

A less traditional approach, Starbucks regularly features its staff on their dedicated social media profile for employees — Starbucks Partners. The videos are goofy and portray Starbucks’ employees and management in a positive light.

7. Volvo

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Apart from creating a reputation for its stellar safety features of seatbelt technology, Volvo is also a respectable employer brand for modern job seekers. To promote their dedication to learning and creating an employee-centric environment, the company showcases short testimonial videos and text-based detailed employee reviews.
For example, the above story features a testimonial where the employees talk about how the company helped them achieve a better work-life balance. People now seek flexibility and a healthy balance. So, Volvo showcases this through employee portraits to pursue the free-spirited younger generation of professionals.

Top 6 employee testimonial questions to ask

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To get authentic testimonials from your employees, you need to ask the right questions. However, this can be tricky if you are only beginning your journey of collecting and showcasing employee testimonials.
To give you an idea of how to go about it, here are the top 10 employee testimonial questions you must ask:

What is your name and job title?

This will act as a simple introductory question and give your testimonial a smooth start. It also instantly communicates the relevance of the video to prospective employees.

How would you describe your position in the company?

This question will get your employees to describe their day-to-day responsibilities and paint a general overview of their job roles. The answer will clarify the expectation of the job role to prospective employees and help the message resonate with the fitting talents.

How long have you been with our company?

Through this question, the viewer gets an insight into the employee’s experience in your company. This will show your prospective employees your ability to retain people. They are likely to trust an experienced employee’s positive account of your company’s culture.

What makes you stay with us?

This question shows the reasons your employees enjoy working at your company. It will highlight the best aspects of being an employee at your organization and showcase your company’s dedication to employee engagement. This question can also direct the conversation to what the employees look forward to in their jobs.

Tell us about a recent positive experience at work.

This is one of the key employee testimonial questions to give the narrative momentum. When your employees describe a memorable and positive scenario, it lets your prospects visualize the perks of being a part of your company.

How would you describe the work environment?

Ask your employees to describe their work environment in one word and request them to elaborate. Some of your prospects may find a professional and highly structured environment is suitable, while others may seek a casual and creative workspace. This question can attract the right candidates while still promoting your employer brand.

The only employee testimonial template you need

Still confused about how to ask your employees for testimonials properly? Use this comprehensive employee testimonial template:
Subject: We would love to share your journey! Hi {name}, We appreciate the contribution you have made to [company’s name] success and growth over the years. We’d love to share your story as a valued employee of our organization. Here are some questions we’d hope you can answer: Please let me know if the prospect interests you or if you have questions. If it's not something you want to do. No pressure! Best, [Your Name]

Start collecting employee testimonials today!

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If done right, employee testimonials can be an invaluable tool for successful recruitment marketing. It gives candidates insights into what it is like to work for your organization and how you can contribute to their career growth.
While collecting and embedding employee testimonials may seem difficult, you can actually do it in a few minutes — all you need is the right tool.
Simply sign up with Testimonial and add our extension to your browser. Voila!
You can capture employee testimonials from multiple channels and display them on your website without hiring developers.

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