7 Great Testimonial Page Examples You Can Learn From

In this article, we’ll cover what a good testimonial structure looks like and go over 7 testimonial page examples that you can get inspired by.

7 Great Testimonial Page Examples You Can Learn From
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In the current era of digital commerce, everyone is focusing on improving their website conversion rates, but many have missed a crucial element.
Wondering what that is?
Its testimonials, both video and text testimonials, play a vital role in building a sense of trust in the mind of your website visitor.
A well-known digital marketer Neil Patel recommends showing your customer testimonials on your landing page. This can either be the ones you collect yourself using a testimonial collection tool or the ones you get on other platforms like G2, Google My Business, Twitter, Product Hunt, etc.
P.S. Testimonial.to can help you aggregate all testimonials and user feedback from places like Twitter, Product Hunt, and many more in a single widget that you can embed on your website.
Before we proceed to see some nice testimonial page examples, let's just see what a good testimonial looks like.

Sample structure of a good testimonial

A good testimonial must have certain characteristics which make sure that it leaves a long-lasting impact in the minds of your website visitor.
Have a look at this image first.
A good testimonial structure
A good testimonial structure
Is this already starting to bring you some ideas?
Here are a few things that a good testimonial structure should include:
1. Important phrases should be highlighted: Not everyone will have ample time to read a complete testimonial, especially when it's big. That's why it is recommended to highlight important parts of a testimonial so the reader can easily grasp the main info.
2. Reviewers should be of the same domain: Assume you are selling a SaaS tool that allows sales teams to optimize their marketing campaign and your website has a testimonial from a CTO of a company. Does that make any sense? Absolutely not, this will confuse your prospective buyer.
3. Showcase the reviewer info: No matter how popular the reviewer is, it's highly recommended to showcase their profession or quick about (in case of a general e-commerce site that serves everyone) on your testimonial page.

7 Great testimonial page examples

Now that you have seen and understood what a good testimonial looks like, let's jump in to see some of the best testimonial pages and sections.

Scrimba’s testimonial section

Scrimba is a popular website where you can learn to code without spending as much as you would have spent on a coding Bootcamp.
As they are an education platform, social trust is an important factor for them. That's precisely why they have video testimonials embedded right on their main landing page.
There are a few important things to note from Scrimba's testimonial section. Let's have a look.
Use of videos in testimonials
Folks at Scrimba have surely understood that video testimonials help you build more trust and also have a higher ROI and engagement compared to just text.
62% of people say video marketing success is determined by the engagement their videos get – including shares, likes, and comments. - Video Marketing Statistics, Wyzowl
Text accompanies videos
Even though videos have higher retention and ROI, it takes time to consume videos which many might not have. That's exactly why they have added a small text summary which quickly gives an idea of what the video testimonial is all about.

Zapier’s & Slack’s testimonial page

Clubbed both Zapier and Slack testimonial page commentary as they both have the same implementation.
If you see these testimonial pages then you'll notice that they prefer to have a complete case study of the user rather than a text or video testimonial.
It's certainly a good idea as you can go in-depth about the client's problems and how they solve them, but it's very time-consuming.
If you don't have much time to invest then it's recommended to stick with text and video testimonials. Alternatively, you can have both where you have just a handful of case studies and the other being a general user testimonial.

EverSQL testimonial page

EverSQL is a SaaS product mainly focused on tech teams and developers. They have a testimonial page which is a mix of brand logos (companies with big tech teams) and testimonials from individuals.
They are using a mix of company logos and individual testimonials to give the visitor an idea of how good and validated their product is.
Also, most text testimonials are from social platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn, which they link to. This also passes a sense of authenticity in the mind of a visitor.

Evabot’s testimonial page

Evabot is an AI-powered gifting solution that automates the process of gifting and helps build relationships.
Have a look at their testimonial page.
As Evabot is a company that focuses on experience, it's important for them to show that as well.
They have been doing this very well by adding many testimonials from Twitter which include the image of the gift delivered by them. By showing this in their testimonials, they can easily pass on the idea of the kinds of gifts they deliver.

Radical Design testimonial page

Radical Design is a design course by Jack McDade (a well-known designer and creator of Statamic).
Let's have a look at Radical Design's testimonial page first.
Noticed something?
The testimonial section is very colorful and interactive which is perfect for the audience Jack is targeting (people looking to learn design).
Though this might look good to you, usually you'd better be off with a normal-looking testimonial page and not everyone prefers such bright colors.
One thing that Jack has aced is by getting testimonials from the top names in the industry, it's hard if you are just starting, but this should be one of your goals as well.

Design+Code’s testimonial page

Design+Code is a similar offering to Radical Design but comes with videos that will teach you to code your designs too.
The testimonial page by Design+Code is pretty innovative too.
The special thing about Design+Code's testimonial page is that they provide actual output by their students in addition to text testimonials.
This image by the students gives an idea to the visitors of what they can achieve by joining the course.

Our testimonial section - because why not?

Testimonial.to deserves having a nice testimonial section as a tool that helps others easily collect text and video testimonials and group them into an embeddable widget.
Let's have a look at our testimonials section.
Our testimonial section
Our testimonial section
For Testimonial.to we decided to have a proper mix of most of the things that are discussed above, like video testimonials accompanied by text, important parts of text testimonials being highlighted, and some testimonials that link to the source, i.e. Twitter and others.

Now it's your turn to build one

That's enough knowledge and inspiration that you would need to get started with your own testimonial page or section.
Do start building one and you'll be amazed by the ROI testimonials will provide to your business.
Also, you need not be a developer or invest a ton of time to get this up and ready. Simply sign-up for Testimonial, create your brand page, and share it with your users. Once you have collected the testimonials, just use our widget to embed the testimonials in no time. One very final tip could be to visit our integrations hub.
You'll surely love the user testimonials too!
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