Why Your Business Needs a Wall of Love and How to Create One

Are you displaying testimonials on your website? If you aren’t, you are leaving a lot of money on the table. Learn more about what a Wall of Love is and how to create your own.

Why Your Business Needs a Wall of Love and How to Create One
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Have you seen photos of this place on Instagram before?
This is the Le mur des je t'aime (literally in English, The “I Love You” Wall”), in Paris, France.
It has the words, “I love you” featured 311 times in 250 languages. This tribute to one of the most powerful human feelings is indeed a great place to visit with your special one.
But hey, I’m not here to give you travel advice (for that let’s connect on Twitter).
It’s a joke actually, but it wouldn’t hurt to follow me if you’re interested in entrepreneurship, bootstrapping, and SaaS products. 😊
Okay, going back on track.
I’m here to teach you how to give your potential customers a similar experience.
I’m talking about creating a Wall of Love for your business such as the example below.
(Disclaimer: they won’t need to fly to Paris 🇫🇷).

What is a Wall of Love?

Similar to the beautiful showcase in Paris, a Wall of Love is a digital page where you can showcase the love your clients send you in the form of testimonials and reviews.
Imagine a landing page entirely focused on the best experiences of your most amazing clients!
This feature is available in all of our plans (even on the free tier).
Put everything in one place:
  • Video testimonials
  • Text testimonials
  • Comments from social media
  • And more
If you think it sounds cool, you should take a look at one.
That experience can say more than my words.
Testimonial.to’s Wall of Love, for example, looks like this:
notion image
What do you think? Do you want to see more?
Keep reading, I’ll link to more examples from real, active Walls of Love - actual dedicated pages generating money for their owners!

Why should I create a Wall of Love?

notion image
TL;DR: It can bring you more sales, more love, and more attention.
Wouldn’t this be a huge asset for any business? Believe me, it is.
At Testimonial.to we see the Wall of Love as an advocate or salesperson that stands and speaks up for your brand 24/7 year-round.
You can share it everywhere and keep adding more love from your customers as it comes.
You can even add the whole wall to your website with an embed code.
As I explained in this guide, the perfect social proof strategy includes requesting, capturing, and showcasing your customer opinions.
Testimonial.to simplifies the execution of your strategy, and to prove it, the Wall of Love feature comes out as the ultimate expression of the “showcasing” part of the process.
You aren’t convinced yet? These are three strong reasons to consider creating yours now.

1. Save yourself dozens of hours of work (or money paid to contractors)

The Wall of Love that you can generate with Testimonial.to is ready in seconds, and it looks great!
You could use some “cheaper” or free alternatives but the outcome would match the budget.
  • To achieve a good-looking outcome you may need to invest in a designer
  • To produce a widget that’s customizable, user-friendly, and has a responsive design you may need to pay a developer and a designer
  • Custom solutions require technical maintenance (more costs) and self-managed solutions usually require your time as well (more work)
In the meantime, going cheap is almost always more expensive.
Why? Because if you don’t have the best tech to showcase and share your social proof you are probably building less trust with your potential buyers, having fewer conversions, and eventually leaving a lot of money on the table.
Some food for thought here. 🧠
Do you see why adding a tool like Testimonial.to to your marketing stack makes a lot of sense?
NOTE: if your business is just starting out, it would be good to remind you that Testimonial.to has a free plan for new entrepreneurs. You don’t need to pay anything until you’re ready to scale.

2. Your Wall can be customized and managed by a kid

If you are a solopreneur, business leader, or marketer you may be already using five to ten (or more) tech tools every day.
Do you really want to take the time and focus to learn new processes or technical skills to get this job done?
Testimonial.to is super, SUPER easy to use.
It takes 2 minutes to set up your collection landing page (you could literally teach a kid how to manage this for you) and once you have collected or imported testimonials into your account, organizing them and creating your Wall of Love is a piece of cake.
(More details later in this article).
Remember, the market rewards speed.
If you want to be competitive you need smooth processes and systems.
The Wall of Love features automatically turn you into the quickest in town.
It’s so effective that it won’t become “a task” on your to-do list, and if you’re like me that means a lot.
And while the setup and operation of the Wall of Love are simple and effective, take into account that we support other powerful add-ons around it, for people looking to build more robust systems.
I’m talking about integrations, webhooks, metrics, individual metrics for video testimonials, and more.

3. Use your Wall of Love ANYWHERE:

Finally, since the Wall of Love is embeddable, you can create it and put it literally anywhere.
You can, for example:
  • Create a “Wall of Love” subpage on your website - i.e. /love or /wall-of-love
  • Embed your Wall of Love on different landing pages when you test your marketing campaigns
  • Put a link to your Wall of Love on your email signature
  • Create a QR code that people can digitally or physically scan to see your testimonials on the phone
  • A lot more, your imagination is the limit
Here’s how some of our customers have decided to make use of their Wall of Love.
Check them out:
Evabot is a gift automation tool that allows you to easily choose the perfect gift for employees and customers. Showcasing their work, Evabot has a great testimonials page, it includes both text and video testimonials with some of them showcasing the gifts received. The testimonials page also indicates that 95% of their over 45,000 ratings were five-star ratings. Great social proof indeed!
Taskade is a real-time organization and collaboration tool for remote teams. On their website, they have a page dedicated to reviews (that originate from the business’s Appsumo page). The reviews are all in text format, with some happy customers providing a lengthy description of their positive experience with Taskade. All of the reviews are either five or four-star reviews, so that looks great!
notion image
Wall St. Rank offers a daily ranking of high-potential stocks through aggregated ratings and estimations from top Wall Street analysts. It exhibits testimonials on the homepage, alternating between video testimonials and written testimonials in a slick and smooth way, looking great!
notion image
Do you want to see even more? Maybe you’re just curious or want to get some inspiration - check out our article 33 Examples of Customer Testimonial Pages.

I’m ready - how do I create my own Wall of Love?

Thanks for reading this far.
This section should be juicier, but Testimonial.to makes the creation so simple that I will probably look a bit dumb explaining this.
  1. Just head over to Testimonial.to and click on “Sign Up” and confirm your email
  1. When you are on your dashboard, scroll down and click on “Create a new space
  1. Set up your collection page by following the prompts
  1. Once your space is ready, go to the dashboard. From the left menu, scroll to Embeds & Metrics and click Wall of Love
  1. Follow the prompts to choose a layout and customize your new Wall of Love
  1. Your Wall of Love is ready to rock. Embed it following this guide
Note: You will need to collect or import a few testimonials before you can enjoy the best view.

Wrapping up…

Creating a Wall of Love is a no-brainer for people looking to centralize their best testimonials and positive reviews in one place without complicated processes and without design or coding skills.
The output is a good-looking and marketing-optimized page that you can customize and use at your will.
The Wall of Love creates a lasting impression on the mind of your potential buyer - it’s like being flooded with supporting comments, proof, and reassurance about a product or service without it being overwhelming.
It’s not a company selling you on their solutions, but people like you sharing their experiences.
The effect that this can have on your potential buyers when they are first engaging with your brand, and even when they return to check you out again is invaluable.
While all of the features and the Testimonial.to branding require a paid plan to be unlocked, the impact that an aid like the Wall of Love can have on your business exceeds the investment tremendously.
So with all that has been said, what are you waiting for?
Head over to testimonial.to, embed your Wall of Love in minutes and take your conversion rates to the skies.
You won’t regret it!

Written by

Damon Chen
Damon Chen

Founder of Testimonial