33 Examples of Customer Testimonial Pages

Let’s take a deep dive into 33 customer testimonial pages that have shown great success.

33 Examples of Customer Testimonial Pages
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Customer testimonials are the perfect tool to showcase your work and highlight how you have positively impacted your customers.
No matter what you say or how you present your business, your potential customers are more likely to trust your current customer’s opinions on your work. So just let your own happy customers do the talking for you!
Having an entire page or section dedicated to customer’s testimonials allows you to show off all the great work you’ve been doing, and to prove how satisfied your customers are. All the following businesses have chosen to go that way, some of them even created a Wall of Love.
So, keep reading to see some beautiful examples of testimonial pages; that might just inspire you to do yours!

1. Evabot

Evabot is a gift automation tool that allows you to easily choose the perfect gift for employees and customers. Showcasing their work, Evabot has a great testimonials page, it includes both text and video testimonials with some of them showcasing the gifts received. The testimonials page also indicates that 95% of their over 45,000 ratings were five star ratings. Great social proof indeed!

2. Taskade

Taskade is a real-time organization and collaboration tool for remote teams. In their website, they have a page dedicated to reviews (that originate from the business’s Appsumo page). The reviews are all in text format, with some happy customers providing a lengthy description of their positive experience with Taskade. All of the reviews are either five or four star reviews, so that looks great!

3. Wall St. Rank

Wall St. Rank offers a daily ranking of high-potential stocks through aggregated ratings and estimations from top Wall Street analysts. It exhibits testimonials on the homepage, alternating between video testimonials and written testimonials in a slick and smooth way, looking great!

4. Xnapper

Xnapper is a screenshot tool that allows you to take and edit screenshots to perfection. Their homepage has a beautiful combination of testimonials from both Twitter and Product Hunt in both text and video format.

5. Llama Life

Llama life is a productivity app that helps organize time and focus on work. Short and strong quotes from satisfied users are scattered through the homepage which also includes a wall of love with longer testimonials, most of them from Twitter.

6. Find Your Following

Find your Following offers guidance courses on how to use Twitter professionally to build a personal brand. The website has student testimonials right on the homepage, with some of them being video testimonials. Some of them offer numerical proof on how being in this course has improved their Twitter reach and following. It all looks pretty good!

7. Feather

Feather is a tool to create and publish blogs from Notion easily, without coding. Their website’s homepage includes client testimonials from Twitter. The tweets are nicely put together, and all of them are from very happy customers, explaining the perks of using Feather and how it makes their work easier and more efficient.

8. Boei

Boei is a tool to connect with potential leads, helping chat with website visitors through their favorite channels. Their homepage shows their average star rating as well as all the beautiful 5 star reviews received on both Capterra and Google.

9. Plutio

Plutio is a complete management app that allows the user to manage projects, communicate, share files, create proposals and generally automate workflow. Their website has a dedicated ‘customers’ page that includes average star ratings from various websites (G2, Product Hunt, Trustpilot and Capterra) as well as some quotes from five star reviews from these sites, some of them including videos.

10. HelpKit

HelpKit is a no-code tool for turning Notion pages into a hosted professional knowledge base. The website has a Wall of Love directly on their homepage. The Wall of Love is composed of testimonials from happy clients, made both on Twitter and Product Hunt.

11. ProfilePicture.ai

This is a tool for AI picture generation. The website has testimonials (often originating as tweets or instagram posts) from happy customers. Some of the testimonials aren’t just text, but they also show pictures generated with the tool.

12. Taplio

Taplio is a tool for LinkedIn that helps build a brand. It allows for scheduling posts, creating content and monitoring the progress you’re making. Right on the homepage, the website has a testimonials page that looks nice with text as well as video testimonials being featured.

13. Fajar’s Personal Site

This is a personal website for Fajar Siddiq, an entrepreneur and indie maker. At the end of his website’s homepage, Fajar showcases a compilation of posts (including photos and videos) of some positive opinions of him and his work from founders, designers and developers, including people he’s given speeches, conferences and various guidance for.

14. Supatabs

Sopatabs is a tab management Chrome extension. On the website’s homepage, testimonials originally from chrome web store reviews can be found. All of them are five stars, with users explaining how Sopatab has helped them organize and optimize performance and memory.

15. Marketing Sumo

Marketing Sumo is a tool for automated lead generation, lead nurturing, social media and content marketing. Their website shows testimonials from happy customers right on the homepage.

16. Build in Public Mastery

Build in Public Mastery offers a “hybrid” year long course to optimize online presence and community engagement. Their website, on its homepage, shows video testimonials from students as well as links to success stories written by previous students.

17. Ship 30 for 30

Start Writing Online in 30 Days offers online courses on the fundamentals of writing. Their homepage displays testimonials from happy alumni, explaining how the course changed their lives.

18. Planzer

Planzer is a task planning app that allows native integrations from multiple tools. On their homepage, there are testimonials directly from Product Hunt.

19. UserBooster

UserBooster is a Notion template for building a launch strategy. On the website’s homepage, you can see testimonials (tweets) from founders who have used the tool. They show how helpful UserBoost has been in building their business, which looks nice!

20. Slip

Slip offers a tool to create and sell interactive programming courses. Right on the homepage, it shows off testimonials from customers in two different ways. First, it highlights a user whose course is on presale and then has a full Wall of Love with tweets from customers buying the courses and also from those who used Slip to offer courses.

21. LeadGeeks

LeadGeeks is a B2B marketing agency offering to use LinkedIn accounts for lead generation. Their website’s homepage shows off their work through testimonials from companies who have used their help to launch LinkedIn Campaigns. Some of the testimonials are simply quotes and others are in video format.

22. SEOCopy.ai

This is a copywriting tool that allows you to easily generate new SEO copy or rewrite existing SEO copy using AI. There are testimonials on the homepage, coming straight from Twitter.

23. Bkmark

Bkmark is a tool to organize and share bookmarks with collaborators. Their website has many testimonials, highlighted and scattered out as you scroll through their homepage. Besides that, there is also a Wall of Love lower on the homepage that brings together tweets from happy customers.

24. Cleavr

Cleavr is an all-in-one server and deployment management platform for PHP and NodeJS apps.
Their website has a nice Wall of Love right on the homepage, including testimonials (some of which are tweets) from satisfied customers.

25. Recover.so

Recover is a tool to convert abandoned Stripe checkouts. On their website’s homepage, there are client testimonials from Twitter, commending the website.

26. Tech talk for Non-Developers

Tech Talk for Non-Developers Is an online course for product managers to help them  make sense of software without learning code. The website shows testimonials from students on its homepage. It is put together in a great way, alternating between video and text testimonials. It looks great and helps convince reluctant clients to go for the course.

27. Beekeeper Studio

Beekeeper Studio is an SQL client for MySQL, Postgres, SQLite, SQL Server. It displays some nice testimonials on the homepage. The testimonials come from both Twitter and LinkedIn, and they show just how much the customers appreciated the application.

28. Nomod

Nomod is a free payment processing application, allowing credit card payments processing with no extra hardware. Their homepage displays a great wall of love that has both video and text testimonials.

29. Notion2Charts

Notion2Charts is a tool to turn Notion databases into charts. On the homepage, there are two highlighted quotes from testimonials. Further down the page, there are even more client testimonials in text format, coming straight from Product Hunt.

30. ByteByteGo

ByteByteGo is a tool that can help people work on their system design skills. There is a beautiful testimonials page included in the website’s homepage, and it includes a lot of testimonials (from Twitter, Linkedin). These quotes from satisfied customers look good and also make the business look good, with such praise.

31. OfferMarket

OfferMarket is a real estate investing platform that also offers loans. On their homepage, they show video testimonials as well as links to Google and Facebook reviews.

32. ThreadStart

Threadstart is a content creation tool that allows you to write and publish tweets and threads. The website has testimonials on the homepage, they all come from Twitter and they were all written by satisfied customers!

33. Doozy

Doozy is a tool for remote team engagement, allowing for virtual team socials, ice breakers, coffee chats and other activities. Right at the top of the homepage, you can see testimonials in both text and video format from happy customers, explaining how Doozy helped them connect their teams.

Wrapping up…

And there you have it: 33 Examples of Customer Testimonial Pages.
It is essential to have customer testimonials on your website, and the way you present them matters.
As we have seen, you can have a full testimonials page (or better yet, a Wall of Love) which not only looks good but also can be a great way to prove to potential customers how amazing your work is, all while helping with your SEO.
The simplest way to create your own customer testimonial page is by using Testimonial.to. It will help you streamline the process to collect, manage and showcase your testimonials in a single place!
Thank you for reading, I hope you've found this helpful! 🥳  If you’re diving into Testimonials, you may like the following articles:

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