Top 17 SaaS Review Sites You Need To Be On in 2023

You’ve successfully launched, now what? Here are 17 SaaS review sites you should be on to build your social proof.

Top 17 SaaS Review Sites You Need To Be On in 2023
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You successfully launched your SaaS business. Although the market may seem crowded, there are simple ways to stand out. One of them includes listing your service on major software review sites since it can magnify your reach and improve your bottom line.
What’s next? Building a strong portfolio of social proof.
Before opting for a product, most customers rely on these SaaS review sites to make informed decisions. Here, the reviews are more reliable because industry experts validate them. According to a 2022 survey, 98% of consumers go online to learn more about a company.
Many businesses find it tricky to figure out how to collect testimonials. Top SaaS review sites can help you there by offering your potential customers insightful details of your product. You can also find some valuable feedback and constructive criticism on these websites. Use this feedback to improve your offerings and the customer experience you provide.
But what are the best SaaS review sites to get on board with? Here is a comprehensive list of the top 17 options.
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Top 17 SaaS review sites you must try



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First on our list is TrustRadius, one of the very few SaaS review websites that don’t run any paid ads. This helps prevent vendors from skewing the reviews. Also, visitors get authentic insights.
On their platform, users can create profiles to showcase their knowledge and expertise in the field. They also gain points as they grow in the TrustRadius community.
Their research team evaluates every review for quality, depth, and detail publishing them. A reviewer also goes through a multi-step process to ensure all product reviews on the site are authentic.
Here’s what we like:
  • TrustRadius also boasts an annual community of 12 million visitors, producing and interacting with high-quality review material.
  • The reviews are data-rich and insightful.
  • The site’s ‘TrustMaps’ feature allows users to filter products based on their review scores and research frequency.


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When listing the top SaaS product review websites, it is impossible to not mention G2. From executives to investors, experts in the space use G2 Crowd to get an in-depth overview of SaaS products.
The platform is more focused on business solutions. Companies invest in software after examining reliable data. G2 is popular because, instead of throwing qualitative jargon at the readers, they offer insightful data. Currently, G2 is also getting the highest traffic among SaaS review sites.
The platform also validates reviews to keep the space authentic.
Here’s what we like:
  • G2 offers in-depth and unbiased reviews of various software products. Their reviews provide valuable insights into the features, benefits, and limitations of each product. This makes it easier for individuals and businesses to make informed decisions when choosing a new product.
  • The site is easy to navigate and features a user-friendly interface. Users can quickly search for and find the software they're interested in, and the reviews are presented concisely with ratings. This makes it simple for everyone, regardless of technical expertise, to find the information they need.
  • They are also one of the most trusted and reputable software review sites. This makes their reviews all the more credible.

Product Hunt

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While SaaS product reviews are not the platform’s only purpose, Product Hunt is a trusted place where users look for the best software solutions. The platform has separate categories to list products, which includes a technology product section.
Product Hunt lists products in a linear format. Similar to Reddit, the site has a voting and comment system. Each day, the product with the most votes climbs up the list. Product submission is fairly simple here as well. All you need are a product title, URL, and tagline.
Here’s what we like:
  • High-quality software recommendations
  • An engaged community of experts and users
  • User-friendly platform for easy navigation and information access


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Next up on our list is Capterra, an easy way to find software alternatives based on verified reviews and ratings. The platform incentivizes users to leave honest SaaS product reviews by compensating them (upto $150).
Getting started with Capterra is fairly easy. The reviews are clear and concise. Instead of showcasing anonymous testimonials, the platform features real people and their experience with the product. Every reviewer is vetted and verified. Their team thoroughly scans each review before publishing them.
Here’s what we like:
  • Wide range of software categories with thorough segmentation
  • Detailed user reviews
  • Free listing


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Most people use their mobile devices to read about products. GetApp is popular because of its mobile-friendly application. The platform has a unique feature that lets users examine how well software would fit their system.
The platform has over 1.8 minion monthly users and features 1.9 million+ monthly reviews. GetApp also tells users how they can pursue partnership opportunities with different SaaS providers.


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Another product review website that users heavily rely on is Trustpilot. It helps you connect with your potential customers through strong and authentic social proof.
Users can automate the review collection process and improve their organic search results. With Trustpilot, you can also boost CTR and conversions on paid searches with Google Seller Ratings, and amplify your online presence.
The platform showcases SaaS reviews of all kinds, from products to business solutions. Trustpilot is heavily moderated, and every review is vetted for its authenticity. They showcase data and deliver actionable and objective overviews to companies looking for software solutions.


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With over 515,000 verified ratings and reviews, Gartner’s peer review platform is one of the top choices for businesses looking for the best SaaS products.
Users get free access to the insight and real-world experience of over 175,000 peers, which helps them choose products consciously. Gartner rigorously verifies every review to deliver the most authentic insights to the viewers.
Reviews are in-depth, detailing features, pros, and cons of every listed product. The platform also lets you explore alternative software and lessons learned at every stage of the buying process.

Software Suggest

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With a simple process of listing, reviewing, and comparing software, Software Suggest is one of the go-to SaaS review sites trusted by 1M businesses. Here, users can explore the trending software and services and choose a product that suits them the best.
The platform has over 800 categories to help you find an effective software solution. Software Suggest also offers free expert consultations to businesses, helping beginners navigate the complexities of SaaS integrations.


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The next addition to the list is SourceForge, a complete open-source and business software platform that has over 30 million users worldwide and allows you to compare and download the best software solutions for you.
Thanks to its global network, SourceForge can help you compare a vast range of intent-driven software, and IT buyers and influencers.
The platform reviews 75,000+ products, services, and business software. Getting your SaaS listed here will help you use the platform’s reach to drive visibility and increase conversion rate for your brand.


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As a software solution directory, SaasGenius is one of the easiest platforms to navigate. The user-friendly interface doesn’t compromise the wide range of featured products. SaaS vendors use this platform to generate better leads, develop partnerships, and manage co-marketing programs.
SaasGenius offers its users features like a recommendation engine, white papers, product reviews, and easy comparisons. Here, users can find top lists of different software, including CRM, remote desktop systems, HRMS, etc. The list is comprehensive, displaying details like trial periods, price models, subscription charges, and more.


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Powered with artificial intelligence and machine learning, Crozdesk ranks algorithms to generate unbiased and authentic software suggestions. The platform features over 200 product categories.
Crozdesk offers hyper-targeted product classifications to help SaaS companies get strong leads matching their ideal buyer persona.


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GoodFirms is one of the well-known software review sites dedicated to connecting companies with their ideal service providers. The platform bases its analysis on three criteria: quality, ability, and reliability.
With over 40,000 authentic reviews and ratings from real customers, GoodFirms help companies make the best business decisions. Creating partnerships is also easy with its extensive list of leading service providers.
Moreover, you can also participate in GoodFirms’ in-depth and high-quality research work to stay up to speed with modern SaaS standards.


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Want detailed statistical data on different SaaS brands? CompareCamp is one of the best options you can choose.
The reviews on this platform are detailed, covering important aspects like pricing, pros, cons, and highlight features. They also have comparison reports on top SaaS products.
CompareCamp also presents a comprehensive overview of various markets and topics including trends, opportunities, customer behaviors, and challenges associated with them.


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Alternativeto has a range that is more than simply sharing service providers. The platform provides crowdsourced but authentic SaaS product reviews. Their user base is global and professionals around the world post their expert opinions on different SaaS products.


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TechnologyAdvice offers trustworthy reviews with insightful reports on top SaaS products. With an exclusive audience of 100 million engaged technology buyers, the website invites SaaS product review submissions through crucial questions to deliver valuable input.
Staying true to its name, TechnologyAdvice offers guidance and connects businesses with the best software vendors. Navigating the complexities of choosing effective SaaS products becomes easy with TechnologyAdvice.

PC Mag Reviews

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From business software to IT security, PC Mag offers the latest business reviews for top SaaS brands. As one of the most popular SaaS product review websites, the platform features blogs based on public contributions around software products. Apart from the reviews, users can also access different how-to guides on trending industry topics.

Fit Small Business

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If you are a small SaaS business, you need a software review website specially designed to accommodate your product. Fit Small Business does exactly that. Since its inception, the platform has helped 28 million small SaaS businesses scale and become profitable.
Fit Small Business helps budding SaaS businesses by throwing light on their products, sectors, and services. It offers value-based product information and helps you generate better leads.
To analyze different products, the website relies on industry experts, researchers, and business owners. You can boost your visibility through this platform by leveraging expert opinions.

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