12 Best Customer Testimonial Examples On Websites

In this article, we’ll go over the different types of testimonials, some examples on popular websites, and finally, some tips to create your own customer testimonial page.

12 Best Customer Testimonial Examples On Websites
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Whether you’re a business owner or marketer, you know social proof is crucial in building trust and credibility with your potential customers. One of the most effective forms of social proof is customer testimonials — real, authentic reviews and ratings from satisfied customers.
But with so many companies now showcasing customer testimonial examples on their websites, how can you make sure yours stands out? In this blog post, we'll share some of the best customer testimonial examples we've seen on websites. Regardless of whether you’re from the B2B, B2C, or D2C niche, there are customer testimonial examples for you.
Before we get started, let’s look at the most fundamental question:

What is a website testimonial?

A website testimonial is a written or recorded endorsement from a customer about their experience with a product or service. Businesses feature them prominently on their company's website since it can be a powerful tool for building trust and credibility with potential customers.
They also come with a host of benefits that you can read through in our blog here.

Types of testimonials

There are several types of website testimonial examples, including:

Written testimonials

Customer testimonial pages with written testimonials typically have brief reviews or ratings left by buyers on a company's website or other review platforms. They can be as simple as a few sentences or as detailed as a full-length review.

Video testimonials

They are recordings of customers speaking about their experience with a business. These can be especially compelling because they allow potential customers to see an existing buyer’s thoughts and emotions authentically.

Press review testimonials

If you are a scaling company, getting featured in the press for excellent services can get you the right kind of spotlight. A press review testimonial captures opinions on your products that were published in recent articles, interviews, and on online publications. Adding this solidifies your credibility as an excellent service provider.

Case studies

These are in-depth accounts of how a product or service has helped a specific customer or group of customers. They often include details about the customer's needs, the solution provided, and the results achieved.

Blog post testimonials

While similar to case studies, blog post testimonials break down a customer’s journey from the brand’s perspective. Such testimonials inform the prospects of the subtle details and can reach a wider audience.

Social media testimonials

These are endorsements or reviews left by customers on social media platforms, such as Facebook or Instagram. They can be especially powerful because they are visible to the customer's own network and more.

Audio testimonials

While similar in effect to video testimonials, audio testimonials are a cost-effective way to get the message across. Instead of hiring an entire production crew, you can create audio testimonials with just a microphone, recording software, and a quiet room to record in.
Your audience can consume and share these testimonials easily since they can play the audio in any setting. It also takes lesser data to upload and share.

Customer interview testimonials

Another excellent social proof you can gather for your brand is adding customer interviews to your testimonial page. For this, you need to ask your customers about specific aspects of your business and how it solved their problems.
You can showcase customer interviews through various mediums. You can release them as a blog post or you can produce an audio or video clip detailing the interview.

Peer review testimonials

These are a type of evaluative feedback that your customers leave on various review sites (e.g. Yelp). Customers trust review sites because unbiased strangers leave feedback and, thus, are more reliable. Showcasing them on your testimonial page will highlight your popularity.
Having star ratings on review sites can be an excellent catalyst for your brand’s credibility.

Influencer testimonials

These types of testimonials leverage the popularity of social media influencers. When an influencer endorses your brand, it instantly makes you a trustworthy brand to their followers. This increases social proof and conversion rate at a rapid pace.

Top 12 best customer testimonial page examples to inspire you

From compelling video testimonials to powerfully written reviews, these examples will inspire you to gather and showcase your customer feedback in a way that's both persuasive and engaging.
So let's dive in to see how the best customer testimonial pages boost credibility and convert visitors into customers-


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Type of testimonial: Videos and case studies
By featuring a mix of videos and case studies on their testimonial page, ZenDesk effectively showcases the diverse range of experiences their customers have with their product. This lets potential customers get a well-rounded understanding of how ZenDesk has benefited a variety of different businesses, rather than just hearing from a single type of customer. This can be especially persuasive for those who may be hesitant to try a new product, as they can see firsthand how it has worked for others with similar needs.
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Besides providing a diverse range of perspectives, the case studies highlight the tangible benefits of their product. Viewers can filter these by industry, challenges, and more, providing a more concrete understanding of how ZenDesk has made a difference for users in their niche.
By using a combination of both, ZenDesk paints a complete picture of the value their product brings to their customers.


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Type of testimonial: Videos and quotes
This event-hosting platform is one of the best customer testimonials examples. Their testimonial page opens with a video about how Bizzabo can help its audience and moves on to quote-based testimonials. These ultimately lead to case studies with renowned names like HubSpot.


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Type of testimonial: Videos and case studies
Slack takes pride in the product they’ve created and it shows in their dedicated ‘Customer Stories’ page. It opens with a video testimonial about the brand and later leads to stories you can filter by industry and business size.
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Once you open a testimonial, you will see a detailed case study on how Slack has helped each company and a quote-based testimonial from a senior leader in the company.

99 Designs

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Type of testimonial: Rating (peer review)
One of the more unusual website testimonial examples for businesses, 99designs uses a rating system to highlight their customer experiences with the brand. The business boasts 3,780 testimonial pages dating to 15 years ago. Of course, this can be overwhelming to sort through, so they let visitors sort the reviews via categories and industries.

Bamboo HR

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Type of testimonial: written testimonial and case studies
Opting for a simple testimonial page that showcases its rating on crucial platforms, Bamboo HR gets the job done without overwhelming website visitors. However, they supplement these efforts by sprinkling positive text-based reviews across different pages on their website, such as the ‘Why Us’ page.
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If these don’t do the job, they even have a page dedicated to case studies where they highlight the best customer testimonials they have received. Each example explores the challenges, solutions, and results companies got from using Bamboo HR. This is finally supported by a section that exclusively shares quote-based testimonials from people in HR leadership roles in the organization.


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Type of testimonial: Quotes
One of the more interesting website testimonial examples for business, Dribbble—the go-to design community, keeps things straightforward on its testimonial page. Real user quotes are displayed in a clean, two-column format, complete with links to each user’s Dribbble profile. Some testimonials even get a visual boost with eye-catching colors, a stunning hero image, or an engaging video. No fancy or elaborate details, just honest feedback from satisfied users.


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Type of testimonial: Quotes
HubSpot, the trusted marketing and sales tool, knows that sometimes less is more. On their testimonial page, they use a straightforward, one-column layout to showcase user reviews.
They smartly alternate between highlighting awards and titles they've received and featuring quote-based testimonials, giving potential customers a well-rounded look at their reputation. With this simple yet effective approach, HubSpot effectively attracts new customers with a mix of social proof and user feedback.
If you're looking for the best customer testimonial examples, take a page from HubSpot's book and consider how a streamlined approach to showcasing customer testimonials could benefit your business.


notion image
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Type of testimonial: Written testimonials
This e-commerce giant shares text-based testimonials across multiple pages on their website to let visitors know they’re a trustworthy brand. But if that isn’t enough, they also have a page titled ‘Success Stories’ to share accounts of clients who have grown their business using Shopify.
But do you want to know why they are one of the best customer testimonial examples?
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On each success story page they share, they interview the founder of the business. Here’s why it’s an interesting move-
  • It gives visibility to the store owner since Shopify gets around 70 million visits monthly
  • It gives insights to new users and people on the fence about how they can embrace Shopify to grow their businesses.


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Type of testimonial: Case studies and quotes
Zapier is a tool that allows users to automate tasks and processes by creating "zaps" that connect different apps and services.
On their website, they have a page devoted to featuring testimonials from well-known companies in the industry, highlighting how Zapier helped them streamline their workflows through automation.
Each testimonial summarizes the company's experience with Zapier and includes a quote from a leader at the company, offering a personal touch and adding credibility to the endorsements.
This page serves as a valuable resource for potential customers looking to see how Zapier has benefited others in their field and can help them make an informed decision about whether it's the right fit for their needs.


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Type of testimonial: Quotes
Circle, the all-in-one community platform, understands the power of customer testimonials and how they can be a powerful tool for persuasion. One way they showcase these testimonials is by using simple, concise quotes from their users. These quotes are easy to read and understand, and they help break up the text on the page, making it more visually appealing and easier for viewers to digest.
By using short, punchy quotes, Circle can effectively communicate the benefits and value of their platform in a way that is engaging yet clear. These quotes provide a quick and easy way for viewers to understand the experiences of other users, and they give credibility to the platform.
In today's fast-paced world, people are bombarded with information from all sides, and it's easy to get overwhelmed. So, by using simple quotes, Circle delivers meaningful information in a way that is easy to understand and remember, making it more likely that viewers will take action.


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Type of testimonial: Videos and quotes
Xero, an accounting software, understands the significance of customer stories in building trust and credibility with potential customers. That's why they have dedicated a whole page on their website to highlight the successes of their users.
On the 'Customer Stories' page, Xero showcases each business owner with a high-quality video that tells their business story. These videos provide an in-depth look at the challenges and triumphs these businesses have faced. Then, they mention ‘The Xero Effect’, i.e., how Xero has helped them along the way.
By sharing these stories, Xero showcases the real-world impact their software has had on businesses, which can be incredibly influential for potential customers.
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Besides the videos, Xero also includes quote-based testimonials on these pages. These testimonials provide a quick and easy way for viewers to understand the experiences of other users, and they give credibility to the software. By breaking up the text with these testimonials, Xero prevents monotony and keeps viewers engaged.


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Type of testimonial: Case studies, quotes, and ratings
Hootsuite, a popular social media marketing and management tool, knows how customer testimonials can charm potential customers to choose their platform. That's why they have a 'Success Stories' page on their website that offers a mix of different testimonial styles.
On this page, Hootsuite showcases case studies that provide a detailed description of the business, quotes from leaders of the brand, and statistics to support how Hootsuite helped the concerned business. These case studies provide an in-depth look at the customer’s successes to show the real-world impact of the platform.
Besides these case studies, Hootsuite also includes quotes, ratings, and reviews on the page. These testimonials provide an easy way for viewers to understand the experiences of other users, and they provide a more comprehensive view of their platform.

11 Tips to Create a brilliant customer testimonial page

Be Specific

Using ambiguous phrases to impress the audience is rather counterproductive. It doesn’t add value and makes the testimonial page look generic and pretentious.
Make sure you add testimonials that are specific and avoid cliches such as “Amazing!” or “Great!
Use tangible facts and statistics to add detail and credibility to your testimonial page. While using data in customer testimonials, add results like 43% versus a round number like 50%. It reflects more accuracy. Such numbers leverage the “precision bias” of your audience and, thus, are more persuasive.
Add testimonials that highlight specific features of your product. It should mention how the product helped the customer. Testimonials detailing a particular problem and its solution through your product are highly valuable additions to your page.

Keep it short and direct

Customer testimonials should be a quick way of showing your value to prospective customers. Nobody comes to your testimonial page to read long paragraphs. To grab attention, keep the testimonials on your page short and direct.
They should include action-centric words that capture the emotion of your target audience. Adding to-the-point testimonials motivates your viewers to keep reading and know more about your services.

Use storytelling

The goal of creating customer testimonial pages is not to blend in but to stand out in the crowd. Cookie-cutter statements on your testimonial page won’t give you an edge. For that, they need to tell a compelling story with relatable and real outcomes.
The testimonial should detail the before, the bridge, and the after of your customer’s journey with your product. It should include a brief but vivid description of the pain points they were facing and how they used your product as a remedy. The narrative should end with a clear and positive outcome and accurately describes your product’s abilities.
To make it more authentic, weave quotes and results into the story. However, focus on the transformation the client went through so that the client resonates with it.

Make it conversational

Impactful testimonials are seldom formal or too focused on technical jargon. If your testimonial page is full of difficult-to-follow stories, it will immediately put off your audience and will not influence their buying decision positively.
So, add testimonials that are conversational. It should be comprehensive enough to give even the most amateur person a clear idea of your product’s efficiency. Use small paragraphs and simple words.

Use standout quotes

Big heaps of textual paragraphs can overwhelm your audience and make them skip the testimonials.
That’s where quote testimonials can help you up your game. These are banners that showcase positive words about your brand from your existing customers. It is a clean and straightforward, and skimmable approach that puts your tried and tested qualities forward. Besides customer testimonial pages, they are also easily usable in sales copies, over images, and within the content.
The goal of adding quote testimonials is to demonstrate the support of your exciting customers to establish the credibility of your product. Use relevant images as the background of the quote.
You can also add a photo of the client who left the feedback to make it more relatable. Make sure the quotes demonstrate a transformation instead of just kind words about your product.
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For example, our client bagged testimonials from big names and very simply highlights them on his website using Testimonial.to.

Add proper filters

Different people want insights on different aspects while skimming through customer testimonial pages. If they have to sort through hundreds of testimonials that are not relevant to their needs, they are likely to skip them.
To prevent this, you must enable your customer to find the information they are looking for quickly. Here, providing a number of filters on your testimonial page can add value to the user experience of your website.
Include a menu to filter testimonials by location, company size, industry, and use case. This way, your audience can seek assurance on your brand from people of their own locality and check your credibility in relevant industries. Filters will add a level of personalization that legitimizes your services.

Add video testimonials

Images, quotes, and data-backed paragraphs are all dependable approaches to showcasing customer testimonials. But nothing works quite like an authentic video detailing a positive customer experience.
Producing high-quality testimonials takes effort, but it's worth the investment. It is easy to write something up and add a picture from an individual’s social handle. But shooting a video with customers is not possible if they didn’t have a positive experience. Thus, using video testimonials on your page will up your brand’s credibility a few notches.
Contact your most loyal customers and send a video crew to them. If you are a B2B brand, you can use videos featuring your biggest customers. Borrowed authority from popular names will help you instill confidence in your prospective leads.
People also feel more inclined to share videos. So, if your content is compelling enough, it has the potential to increase your visibility.

Use a letter-like display for testimonials

Another creative way of showcasing customer testimonials is to use a letter-like display. It makes the testimonial seem more concise and adds a personalized aesthetic to your site.
However, this approach may not work for every brand. For example, if you are a software company that mostly caters to big corporations, a letter-like display may not be on brand for you.

Showcase customer service rating on the top

To give your audience a quick idea of your credibility, you can show your high customer service ratings on top of every testimonial. This way, even if a person chooses to avoid a particular testimonial, the rating would catch their eye. They would remember it longer and view your products in a more positive light.

Display case studies

A case study is an in-depth analysis of a customer's experience with your brand. While the usual client testimonials offer an overview of the services of a brand, case studies take a more scientific approach. It analyzes an individual’s experience with your company and dissects the reasons that made it work.
Case studies are particularly effective because they depend on proven data and real terms. Including a case study in your testimonial page will give prospective leads a vivid description of a customer’s journey and establish you as a transparent brand.
Showcasing case studies is particularly effective for B2B brands. The analytical approach makes it easier to convince an entire business to opt for your service. Prospective leads can go through the customer stories and compare them to their situation. This allows them to see if your brand can fulfill their needs and help them make informed decisions.

Focus on social media testimonials

In a digital world, positive testimonies on social media give prospective leads instant relief. Social media reviews seem more authentic to the audience since it’s posted by the individuals themselves.
A happy customer can write a stirring review and post it on their social profiles for the world to see. This can potentially influence thousands of people.
Take each positive review as an opportunity to enhance your testimonial page. Whenever you see a person promoting your services on social media, engage with them. You can ask for detailed feedback to have better insight into their experience.
Share their opinions on your client testimonial page to concrete your credibility. Combine posts from Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook and use them on your social proof section.

Put your website testimonial page on steroids

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Customer testimonials are a powerful tool for building trust and credibility with potential customers.
By showcasing actual experiences and feedback from satisfied customers, businesses can show the value and effectiveness of their products or services.
The 12 examples we highlighted above showcase a range of effective strategies for showcasing customer testimonials on websites, from video reviews to detailed case studies.
Whether you're a small business owner looking to boost your online presence or a marketer looking for inspiration, these customer testimonial examples are sure to provide valuable insight and ideas for your business.
To put these ideas into action, opt for Testimonial.to today.

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