Reasons to use video testimonials and how to collect them

A testimonial video is key to convincing a lead to take the plunge and become a customer. Keep reading to see exactly why they stand out and how to collect them!

Reasons to use video testimonials and how to collect them
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Having social proof on your website is essential. It helps you establish a great reputation and get more clients. Of course, there are many forms of social proof such as reviews, ratings, and testimonials.
Testimonials are one of the best forms of social proof you can use. They capture the experience of a happy customer to convince your potential customers to take the leap. Testimonials come in many shapes and sizes, they can be lengthy quotes, or short quotes, with or without photos but they can also be videos. That’s what we are going to talk about.
Video testimonials are the most trustworthy way to build your online reputation. Client testimonial videos should be placed at the heart of your marketing strategy. A client testimonial video is key to convincing a potential customer to take the plunge and become a customer. Video persuades, humanizes, and embodies the benefits of a product or service.
Keep reading to see exactly why they stand out and how to collect them!

3 reasons to use video testimonials

1. Video grabs people’s attention

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As they say, a picture speaks a thousand words, let alone videos! Especially with shrinking attention spans, people are more likely to watch a video than to read a text. Anyone would rather watch a short video, which can be entertaining, than to read long sentences, and will probably remember visuals, too.
Video is more compelling, and you’ll be sure that your potential customers listened to the testimonial if you make them in video format.
Videos are more likely to get attention not just on your website, but also on social media. Platforms like Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, and Facebook love video content and have become more and more focused on it because it generates more engagement, and is more likely to be shared.
This makes video testimonials even more valuable since you can also share them on your social media and have a potential viral video on your hands! The video testimonial can also be shared by your clients on their own social media, further increasing reach.
Did you know that a visitor will stay 2 minutes longer on your website if they see a video? So what are you waiting for, make your client testimonials videos and make sure you include them on your homepage so that you can maximize engagement.

2. Videos help you bond with your client

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Throughout the process of collecting video testimonials (as we will see), you will have more interactions with your client than ever. 
In particular, you could have a unique moment in which you will forge a bond with your client if you organize a shoot for the testimonial video where you will interact with your client and film them answering questions about your product/service. It can also be a chance for you to show your client how much you value them and how much you appreciate your work together.
Your clients will also understand that the whole video testimonial experience, from shooting to publishing, is a chance for them to communicate their own work. A win-win situation!

3. Videos inspire trust

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When people look at your testimonial videos, they will immediately form some sort of bond, or feel like they relate, because it’s a human face just talking on a screen.
Without even feeling it, people will immediately trust the contents of the video. In fact, a client speaking on camera is immediately seen as sincere and authentic.
Actually having a client talk about their experience and describe your work looks relatable and is more likely to be trusted by viewers.
As an example, when your clients talk about their experience, their issues, and how your product/solution has helped them, they tell a story. Stories are not just trusted but also remembered better.

How to collect the best video testimonials

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Identify the right client to interview

First of all, you need to identify the clients you want to collect video testimonials from.
Of course, you have to find satisfied customers. Maybe consider customers that have been with you for quite some time, as that might be an indication that they are happy with your work.
However, time is not that important of a criteria, whether they are customers who have been there for many years, or only for a few months, just look for the ones that exude the most enthusiasm.
You could target customers already speaking well of your work. Check out your social media, reviews on Google or Trustpilot... Simply try to find customers already vocal about being happy with your work. Chances are, they will be more than happy to speak on video.
In addition, keep in mind that you should select customers that match the ICP you’re trying to target. This could make your work significantly easier.
A good idea can be to choose a client that already has a good presence on social media, as they could later share the testimonial on their social network profiles and double as a sort of ambassador.

Convince the chosen client

You need to keep in mind that not all of the clients you selected are bound to accept to make the video. You have to convince them, but also, you have to draft a backup list. Identify as many customers as you can so that if some don’t accept to do the video testimonial you’ll still have others on your list.
Once you’ve identified the clients you want to make a video with, reach out to them in a personalized way. Don’t just use a basic template for everyone, that would reduce the response rate. Your customers will realize that you have sent out the same request en masse and won’t feel obligated to respond.
In your email, explain the value and importance of the testimonial and insist on the fact that it can be helpful not just to you but also to other clients who faced the same issues this client did before they turned to your service/solution.
Don’t forget to mention the fact that a video testimonial is also an opportunity for the client to promote his brand or his company.
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Ask specific, well-chosen questions

Now, after your client has accepted to shoot the video testimonial, carefully consider the content of the video. You should guide your customer by asking questions that will have the highest chance to grab the attention of your ideal customer profile.
Of course, makes this process very easy. You should give it a try ✌️ 
Even if the client will simply send you a video, try to make sure you send them questions to refine the video content and ask them for a specific duration for the video. Don’t let your clients simply speak freely for a few minutes, as it might be too long and imprecise.

Wrapping up…

So now we’ve established that video testimonials grab attention and are more likely to convince potential clients. If you’re looking for one way to increase your conversion rate, you have found it and makes this process only a few emails away!
Collecting video testimonials is not particularly tricky, but there are some tips to keep in mind. Pick the right client, and the right questions, be persuasive, and you’re well on your way! 🙌
If you’ve made it all the way here, I have an extra tip for you. After collecting your video testimonials, make sure to create a Wall of Love and include it in your menu or footer!

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